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What are some websites that keep track of your goals?

Asked by lilikoi (10079points) February 7th, 2010

So far I know of 43things (which apparently only lets you list 43 things), SuperViva, and goalmigo (appreciate the portmanteau). Are there any more? Does anyone use any of these or others? Which would you recommend?

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I don’t know about any websites about goals or what your goals are or how many, but there is an old Japanese tradition; they use something called a Daruma Doll its a doll that has one eye painted and the other eye is blank. When you achieve your goal you get to paint it in and finish the doll. Its supposed to have a heavy bottom so that if it gets knocked over it uses the weight to stand upright again :)~ I think its cute for small personal goals.

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:) I used to have one of those when I was a kid. I think I need a virtual list though. Having my life on the computer seems to work well for me…

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o.o oh, they are pretty neat huh xD lets see. ? it seems pretty simple :> it looks like something you just sign up for, nothing to download or install on your comp. :)~~~

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Happiness Project Toolbox is one that’s easy to use.

There’s also an iPhone app called Did I..? that allows you to enter a list of habits, good or bad, that you want to track, and capture the event with the touch of the screen. If you’re trying to change your behavior it’s a good way of painlessly keeping track of your efforts.

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RememberTheMilk I think is what you’re looking for. It’s, AFAICT, the most popular online todo-list application, and integrates with just about everything. It’s great, really :)

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Thanks everyone for the answers. Much appreciated!

I also found which is very clean interface but also very simple (maybe that is a good thing; not sure yet…). I’ll probably either go w/ this one, happiness project, or rememberthemilk.

In case anyone is wondering what the difference between all these are, I tried SuperViva, but the site is too slow for me, and too many ads. Goalamigo, I don’t really need all the extras that it provides. I have >43things so that one was out. Using more for long term goals than day to day so I don’t think joesgoals is ideal for me. There are others out there that look to do this real well, but they are not free.

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