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Did you ever quit a job ?

Asked by simone54 (7592points) February 7th, 2010

I mean REALLY QUIT!! Did you every do something to quit where you really screwed everyone else over or something so great that it would never be forgotten?

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Does quitting without giving notice count?

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Now that you mention it…I am reminded of my first job…a Walmart position. The customer is always right, right?

I soon discovered that all the nice theories out there on humanity’s general good are not exactly realistic. Several customers made it a sport to debate the price of Wrigley’s gum. Others loved to complain to the wrong department of rotten strawberries and stale cheese. Even more loved to get free “life counseling” at the cash register, especially with me (I’m still figuring that one out).

But these were mere opening acts. The final act came on a Saturday. I was mopping the isle with with gallon milk jugs when this fossil of a lady comes up to me. She screeches about some rat that “ran over her toe.” I tell her to go the manager, but everyone knows the Wal-mart underlings are much easier prey. Finally, she loses it and grabs a milk jug, only to “accidentally” drop it on the floor. The milk goes all over my new Nike shoes. Then I lose it, and “accidentally” mop to hard in her direction. Her designer stiletto heels get nailed.

After that, I win the race to the manager…and quit before the word “fire” gets out of his mouth. I’m still proud of myself for that. :D

Thankfully, I have a much nicer part timer. Good-bye to the abyss of corporations forever!

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@Spinel That was a great story; thanks for sharing!

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One of my early jobs was as a pump jockey for Tenneco back when it was very, very unusual to see a female pumping gas (and even the convenience stores were full service). I took the job with the understanding that I would not work New Year’s Eve. Lo and behold, when the schedule came out, there I was, on for the New Year’s Eve late shift. I walked up to the manager and reminded her of the agreement. She said “take it or leave it.” So I told her I was going to leave it, and I left the job site.

The store was robbed not once but twice on New Year’s Eve, which was precisely the reason I did not agree to work that shift. Two days later, the manager called, desperately trying to hire me back. I went, but with a raise and with a written agreement not to be scheduled on night shifts at all.

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@lilikoi Every story has a moral. The moral of this one? Don’t go crawling to Walmart for work. ;)

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Yes, in my 20 year working history, I quit various jobs for various reasons.

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Yes, I have. I walked out of a job because I got tired of the manager grabbing me. He groped me one too many times. I slapped him and walked out.

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I had a really bad and stressful graveyard shift at a grocery store and I wanted someone to understand why I was quitting…So I before my shift I walked into the emergency ward in my local hospital and showed the staff what a nervous breakdown was… The Doctor gave me a two week sick note and at the same time i gave my two weeks notice… Within a short time the store closed its doors at night and they cancelled the shift… It still closed at nights till this day.

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About three months ago I quit a job that I needed to leave. The manager of the company was a compulsive liar and she screwed me out of a lot of money and a foreign trip, taking her favorite salesperson and long-time best friend instead. I think I left in a pretty classy manner: I told her it was personal and I needed a new challenge.

A month later, someone else left the company. This time, she sent an email to the whole company detailing all the lies she’d been told and promises broken. She left the building five minutes later, and apparently my old boss is still under fire from the owner of the company (who was never around much) to find out why all of her top performers are leaving at once in a bad economy.

I wish I’d done that.

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I quit babysitting a neighbor’s dog a few years ago while they were still on vacation. It was a pit bull mix (that they asked me to keep indoors) and it crapped like an elephant. I took it to a boarding kennel for the rest of their trip. I paid for it and everything…but it’s still awkward when I get the mail :/ (why is it that when people feel “wronged” they stalk you? or is it my guilt?)

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The first job I had after college, believe it or not, was as a dishwasher (it’s a long story). Each night, there were more dishes to wash. Then came Saturday night. I don’t know what time it was—nine? ten? The dishes were piled up higher than I could see over on three sides. It was too hard. I turned around and walked out the back door and never looked back. I never even got my pay.

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My dad quit a job and when he left, he rigged the P.A. system to play Take This Job and Shove It across the entire property.

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