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Are you ever surprised by the intensity of your emotions?

Asked by SuperMouse (30785points) February 7th, 2010

After a night of intense discussion between myself and my SO, I am at the point of debriefing with myself, trying to process exactly what happened, and trying to obtain some insight about where to from here, I find myself surprised and maybe a bit overwhelmed by my emotional reactions. It seems that, even though I like to think I am in control of myself and understand what makes me tick, I find myself surprised by the intensity of some of my reactions. Have you had a similar experience?

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Yes, although more when I was younger. I once picked up a skin of ice from a puddle and broke it over the head of someone who had attacked my little brother.

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I am certainly sometimes surprised by the lack of intensity in my emotions to situations that would warrant it.

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I’m a very calm and relaxed person, people say I tend to be mature for my age.

The thing with me is there a little fine line in my head, once you crossed it I kind of snap….I am sure that not a good thing but I try my best not to get around people or situations that might have me snap….

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Yes.This past year has been a rollercoaster.I am in the process of figuring out exactly what I’m going to do about it ;)

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I am often surprised by the intensity of my emotions, although I don’t usually express that emotion outwardly.

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I’ve had very strong emotional reactions but I have never been surprised by them.

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Yeah. I find myself being brought to tears watching some stupid scene in a movie or on television that prpbably wouldn’t affect many. The same goes for music. It can be quite embarrassing at times.

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I used to. Back when I didn’t understand that all emotions are – is a secondary information system. Attenuating the first. Connecting us with the environment, establishing a basic priority system that often helps save us (aka, predator, RUN/hide/FIGHT). So emotions are, thoughts – like any other, but coming from a different network of systems that is geared toward priority. Since they are thoughts the pre-thoughts – learning more about how they are made, what they really mean – awareness or emotional intelligence – will help you a great deal.

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Oh yeah. Sometimes, in any discussion, the cold notions of certain people really trigger deep responses in me, often by the desire to get physical. It’s at those times I am surprised by the gravity of what I can feel. I’m one of those people that prides myself on my self control and disciple, so the few moments of intense emotion come as a surprise.

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Sometimes. More often I am surprised by my strength and determination. I never back down and can not be undermine by evil stupid and viscous people.
LOL they can keeping trying but I am stronger,smarter and more determined.
I laugh daily at them. I am a rock and their words are pebbles.
It is my strength and endurance that surprises me most.

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Yes, but this wasn’t always the case. I’ll elaborate on this related question.

Lately, I’ve been feeling first, then thinking later. I have to figure out what causes these strong reactions. It’s surprising, maybe mostly because for several years it took a lot to rile me up. I think I’ve developed passion.

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all the time I act very unpredictable
When I was a little younger I made a real crisis because my brother has eaten my chips but when someone(we were pretty close)told me that I’ll end up in prison because of my behavior I just laughed(of course that ended my relation with that person).

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I am amazed at how sentimental I have become while watching parts of movies that, I realize, are trying to tug at your emotions. I used to laugh at such moments. Now I find myself giving in to weeping during a sad moment.
Also, I am normally pretty mellow, and I am often surprised when I get so angry I begin to shake. It isn’t fear, it’s like my body vibrating from holding back.

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Things which make me angry surprise me, not necessarily how angry i get. I’ll get to the point where my whole body is trembling… pretty bad temper.

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I used to be, until I got in touch with why certain things would set me off in one way or another.

The more I learn about myself, the less surprised I am when certain emotions are triggered, and now I’ll just think, “Oh, there’s some more internal housecleaning I need to do here.”

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Actually yes.

Recently I was doing some spring cleaning of my computer and stumbled across a draft of a “venting” email I had written to someone who seriously hurt me. As I read the email I had to laugh at just how pissed I had been while writing it. It was nearly unrecognizable as anything I would have written/said. I laughed and laughed at how het up I was back then about something I then went on to live with quite nicely.

I was glad that it just sat there, safely contained, in the draft box and never sent until I was so over it that it just made me laugh.

Usually, I’m not surprised by emotions but I have been surprised by the silliness of the straw that breaks the camel’s back of my restraint sometimes :)

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I think my emotions are really trustworthy. I do occasionally get panicky about silly things. Luckily my daughter-in-law’s mom (or my stepson’s mother-in-law, take your pick) talks with me a lot, and she has a perfected bedside manner that calms me right down. She says really sensible things like “I know you’ll figure that out in about a minute” or “Well, don’t forget you’re an artist, you see things intensely”. She’s so generous.

I was watching a beautiful docudrama on HBO last night, about Temple Grandin. Whenever it showed a breakthrough moment of understanding animals, I broke down into tears of love.
Big shaking sobs. Not tears of distress. Relief, recognition, gratitude. Such tears are

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I recently was suprised by emotions. I have had a friend since grade 2 and since March of last year my feelings have gotten more romantically intense. I think about him nonstop and it’s kind of an annoyance. I will be working on an English paper, next thing I know I’m writing our IMs from the previous night on it. Talk about my English teach being mad lol. I usually never let my emotions get a hold of me, but since I started having feelings for him I can never control my emotions. I am trying to gather myself and get a hold of my emotions, but I can’t. Ugh!! :/

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Yep I sure am surprised by the intensity of my emotions over the last 8 months. I was in a 18 year marriage in which expressing emotion and passion was not high on our agenda. Everything was all very amicable and we rarely argued.

I’m now in a new relationship and I would say it’s a very passionate and often volatile relationship due to my SO being as he has admitted ‘hard work’ and me reacting to him. I’ve been experiencing a wide spectrum of emotions (not all positive) that I am definitely not used to and often analyse whether this is a good or bad thing?

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Like @Simone_De_Beauvoir , I tend to under react in most situations (except when Fluthering about them). Maybe the meds?

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I love too much and when I get mad I feel intense hatred. And when I feel really low it gets to a really depressive state so yes. I’m really emotional, sensitive, intuitive, intense. But I wouldn’t want it any other way. I like my intense emotions, I just don’t want to become destructive. I really like that I love a lot, I just have to put intense feelings to good use.

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