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how can I quit smoking?

Asked by johnny0313x (1855points) March 3rd, 2008 from iPhone

okay I am not looking to be insulted here first off. Second I have been smoking since I was 16 now almost 22. I see the world changing and smoking becoming less and less accepted. Its annoying to inconvience people with it and expensive. Not mention the number of health risks. You would think that would make me quit but no I truly feel addicted. I get irritated without one when I want it I smoke about a pack a day and I hate it yet I can’t stop. When am bored I do it after I eat when I first wake up when I upset there is always an occasion. What can I do?

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I watched an autopsy of a guy who had lung cancer, I never smoked again.
go on google image search and look at lung cancer, then imagine that inside of you. Good luck

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I quit last year after smoking for 5. all it took was a really bad case of larengytis(sp) and a strong need for my voice. sometimes it happens by accident

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replace it with another habit.

i hear cocaine is a wonderful way to pass the time.

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I was a 30yr, 3 pack a day smoker when I used Hypnosis to stop about 20 yrs ago. I have helped hundreds of people stop smoking since. I now include other techniques to assist with the triggers to smoking, with the urges (should they return). What I have found is that quite a few Stop Smoking programs focus only the smoking act, not necessarily the stresses that contribute to the smoking.

So, find a Hynotist who uses more than one technique and helps with the other factors of smoking.

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I started smokingto release my anxiety, unfortunately I am dependent now however I have come to discover, at least, why smoking comforted me. Its about breathing. The act of smoking is actually very healthy (if it weren’t for the smoke) and developing that pattern to breath can be very beneficial.

I have found applying the psychological need to something like a straw actually helps, the problem is – deeper issues require deeper resolve.

What started you smoking in the first place?

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my best friend started and we were growing apart so I kinda started. No pressure I just wanted to try it. Now when I get upset though I smoke heavily it will make me feel like crap sometimes blah

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smoke pot instead

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One word… CHANTIX!!!

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chantix causes depression leading to possible suicide. I was going to get it tip I saw that on the news and right now I sure as helll don’t need anything to depress me ha

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chocolate milk. I kid you not, just plan on the gym after you quit. :)

There is something about a psychological connection with some sort of negativity.

I.e. Jack Nicholson switching to cigars to stop smoking cigarettes.

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ha I believe that but I’d rather a mudslide then just chocolate milk heh or maybe just a bottle of yaeger

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(quote)chantix causes depression leading to possible suicide. I was going to get it tip I saw that on the news and right now I sure as helll don’t need anything to depress me ha

Those are possible side effects, but alot of people have used it with great success. But I agree, with what you have going on right now, it may not be your best choice. maybe once you feel a little stronger, you could get some samples from your doctor to see if it’s right for you.

(quote)ha I believe that but I’d rather a mudslide then just chocolate milk heh or maybe just a bottle of yaeger

Alcohol is also a depressant, so be careful with that too. I know when I drink, I want to smoke more. But I have to hand it to ya.. a mudslide does sound yummy!

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just get high instead

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Sorry I don’t know how to link, but look at my answer to “How can I encourage a loved one to quit smoking?” by Juniper. I smoked heavily for half my life and never imagined I could quit. And then one day I did.

Let me start off by saying you should NOT QUIT smoking. Because the word “quit” is wrong, and this is where your problem lies. You are a smoker, smoke regularly, and are thinking of making the sacrifice of not smoking in order to avoid dying of cancer. This won’t work. You have to completely change your way of thinking.

Start thinking of yourself as a non-smoker who just happens to have a few cigarettes every now and then. Just like when you were when you first started, before you became addicted (I am assuming you are addicted, or else you’d be able to kick it easily). And then reduce the cigarettes. Or rather increase the periods of non-smoking between them.

When I quit, I didn’t actually go out to quit. I made the conscious decision to smoke as much as I want, whenever I want, but ENJOY IT. If I’m going to add a nail to my coffin, I might as well cherish the taste for now. I stopped smoking all them “stupid cigarettes” on the keyboard (which gets it dirty anyway) and while driving and just because someone else is doing it. Smoking became a ritual I really enjoyed, but only did when I really wanted to. And it tasted better. And I went from 34 down to 4 within a week, then down to 1 the next one, and one day I just quit. The step from 1 to 0 was a lot tougher from 34 to 1, but my body was already fairly clean, so I just had to deal with the mental side of it.

I can try and explain it, but I think I’m not all that good. One book that really helped (exactly because it’s NOT patronising and it DOESN’T keep nagging you like you’d expect) is Allan Carr’s (I think I saw a link here somewhere). So don’t quit yet, just read the book.

Incidentally an alcoholic is not someone who drinks a lot of alcohol. It is someone who thinks about alcohol all the time, even when they haven’t had a sip for months. Similarly, you can stay off cigarettes for days or even weeks, but as long as you’re still a smoker you’ll simply suffer, and eventually go back to it. So try to change the way you view smoking before anything else.

And, as I said in the other answer, it is not about preventing you from dying young. It is all about helping you live a better life while you’re alive.

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