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What are some great things to do when I can't leave the house because of snow?

Asked by amazingme (1855points) February 7th, 2010

I now have 3 feet of snow. I can’t go anywhere because all of my neighbors and family are all trying to dig out everyones cars and the road. So I’m curious as to what you guys think will be great things to do that will keep me occupied when you can’t go anywhere. At least until when the Super Bowl comes on. :D

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Feed the birds. They’re fun to watch

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I’m cleaning the garage, with the door SHUT. I have a library of books stacked up in boxes there, and I’m bringing them into the house, and going through all my books. I have to downsize, and this is a great time to do it

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I would paint,draw,exercise,listen to music,read,make phone calls,and practice tackles in the living room .

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We’ve also cleaned the dryer vent, the kitchen, and watched a stupid pay per view movie, made each other breakfast, played in the snow, cleaned the driveway and the cars off, and had a great time. Obviously, I also post a lot here too.

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good idea @snowberry , I have a really messy room and I really need to clean it. I think that’s a great idea…finally get my clothes out of laundry limbo. :D

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We’ve been snowed in for weeks and I’ve been cleaning out one closet or drawer or corner a day. It’s amazing the nets you can mend when you can’t go out ‘fishing’.

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Read. Write. Fluther is fun to write on. Reading is probably better.

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Play video games.

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…do you have a sweetie? ;)

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Depends if you have a wonderful significant other with you ;) But other then the obvious, the internet has a lot of fun things to look at and do. Also catching up on your shows on cable, drinking while playing video games is also a good time. Reading some good books always passes the time well. If you are behind on your housework this is a great time to catch up!

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just finished cleaning my bedroom.
I thought it would take a lot longer. But, I’m gonna bake me some birthday cookies. My birthday is tomorrow and I was going to have fun with my friends, but considering the snow…out of the question. :/

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you should be thankful you never went outside so you weren’t able to be stranded outside your house in the freezing cold!

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I was “stranded” yesterday!! :D
I fell into the snow and I couldn’t get up. No one was outside, besides my camera and me and I was literally in front of my house, inside a lot of snow. It took a while for me to actually get out…so stranded to an extent. :D

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Just got in from helping my son make a snowman in the back yard. It’s a funny looking snowman, but very traditional. He kept on eating the carrot as it was sticking out of the snowman’s head. I wonder if that means the snowman became more honest as his nose shrank?

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start a puzzle, listen to music while you take a long bath, pamper yourself, talk to someone you haven’t talked in a long time, clean your room, organize your working space (;

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