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Who are the meek and what will be left of the earth they inherit?

Asked by Ivy (2482points) February 7th, 2010

Psalm 37:11: “But the meek shall inherit the earth; and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace.

Matthew 5:5: “Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth.”

Do the Haitians qualify as the meek? The refugees in New Orleans? Are you one of the meek?

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The meek are those people who have all those footprints on their butts. They will inherit nothing.

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They will inherit the opportunity to build something from nothing, without having their efforts usurped by aggressors.

World economic power is shifting.

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@Silhouette The meek will inherit the earth after the people who caused the footprints on their butts are destroyed.

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They will inherit the Earth with all it’s problems and then they will all stand around waiting for somebody to make a decision on what the hell to do with it.

Those verses aren’t a promise of reward, it’s a threat.

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I am standing on the back of one of them now.Let me ask him…..he says his name is eek

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So we have the meek and those who stand upon them. I’ll go with option #3 please.

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@beancrisp No the meek will inherit the mess after the people who caused the footprints are done.

@pandorabox they very rarely make any effort.

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Dennis Miller said something like “Big deal, we’ll just push them down and take it back. What are they gonna do? They’re a bunch of meeks!”

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There is a middle ground, you don’t have to be meek or an aggressor. You can be quietly strong and patient.

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Sounds like a power shift to me.

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@Silhouette ”..quietly strong and patient.”
I’ll go along with that. I would also add compassionate, forgiving, insightful, inventive (creatively), selfless, inspired, practical, and benevolently magical.

Hasten the day!

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The meek mentioned in the bible does not mean people who are weak or poor.
It means people who live by the golden rule.

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@beancrisp It really isn’t defined in that book, is it? My dictionary lists the meanings of ‘meek’ as, 1) patient and mild; and 2) easily imposed on, weak and submissive. I’m going with Merrmiment, that those verses are a threat.

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@lloydbird Excellent additions!!!

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@lucillelucillelucille Good one!

I also go with @Merriment: it is a threat.

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The meek who will inherit are those who live by the faith and conviction that the things that happen on this Earth, or the material realm are not going to go on forever.

It is only a threat to those who act on the folly of their own desires and narrow understanding. I think to be certain it is a caveat. It is a call to act with a degree of compassion towards “the least of these” and to realize that all you do will eventually reap its fruit, or outcome, for better or for worse. You do not have to let others “step on you” to refrain from action towards someone who has offended you. I think that it is a passage that purposefully calls people to refrain from action simply because the actions that are immediately available to them will be forthcoming in anger or some form of passionate outburst. It is better to be self controlled than to act rashly and have the outcome of your actions be worse than the initial offense was.

In conclusion, it is a passage about restraint from action, an active restraint that requires faith and humility. If you believe that you are entitled to impute a judgment on others because of an offense proffered unto you than you will also have to deal with the endless back and forth, or unforeseen repercussions of your actions.

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There was a cute line in the movie Dead Poets Society: “Mr. Meeks! Prepare to inherit the Earth!”

Maybe that’s who they’re talking about?

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The meek shall inherit the kingdom of Earth. That’s because they will be the people who will remain after the wise move on.

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