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Is a refurbished laptop worth it?

Asked by Spinel (3220points) February 7th, 2010

I was thinking about buying a refurbished Mini 10 from the Dell Outlet, but I have reservations. What are some advantages or drawbacks to this one? Would just purchasing a brand new one be the better option?

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I have a refurbished laptop, and it works fine. I think it depends on the history of the machine and what went wrong with it.

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The experiences I have had with refurbished computers makes me feel it’s a crap shoot

When it works out well, you’ve made a really good deal and when it doesn’t work out well you feel really cheated. Kind of like any other type of gamble when you think about it.

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My husband has a refurbished Dell and is in love with it.It was bound to happen ;)

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Yes! I’m actually typing on a refurbished machine right now. I have had very good luck with refurbs and they are nicely priced. I have bought 3 refurbished HP’s and all of them are running fantastic. One of them I have had running for over 10 years and hasn’t had 1 problem.

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I have had very good luck with Dell refurbs. In the one instance when I had a problem, they took the machine back and paid shipping both ways. The warranty is for a year, and can be extended for a price.

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I’m writing this on a refurbished Macbook Pro. I’ve never had a single complaint.

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Also a refubished Dell here. its actually better than a brand new one. it was broken in just right and has not failed me, yet. just be sure to check out a refurb thoroughly, before you purchase it. make the seller go through every aspect and function before you buy.

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@Mamradpivo Go mac! :) Once u go mac u never go back!

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Definitely is, one of my laptops is refurbished. I’d just say depends where you’re buying it from. Just buy from reputable stores that you know – and are willing to take it back if something is off.

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i’m on a refurbished macbook pro right now. i’d suggest going that route. you pay more on the front end but you get a quality product that lasts.

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Love my refurbished macbook.

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I have a refurbished desktop from It was a steal, and has been working great. Sometimes with their refurbished stuff (not sure if Dell is the same way), usually when you are buying a PC w/out an OS, you have to hunt down drivers yourself. This can be tough to do for the layman that doesn’t know where to look, so I’d call this a drawback. If you’re buying a computer w/ a pre-installed OS, though, it probably comes w/ all the drivers.

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