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What's happening with Danika Patrick?

Asked by babaji (1440points) February 7th, 2010

She’s driving Nasa? has she quit Indy cars?

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No. She’s into both Indy Car and ARCA Racing, as well as NASCAR.
She is also doing quite a bit of modeling.

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She looked awesome at the ARCA race. Just sayin’.

Also, this is bugging me.
It’s Danica.
No ‘k’.

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God, she’s going to be disappointed when she reads about Obama canceling the space program.

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She works for NASA?

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I know she was getting a bit too over-exposed but driving NASA !! Wow usually that privilege is reserved for the mission commander !

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Definitely not NASA but meant to say of course NASCAR

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@babaji If it makes you feel better, NASA is an actual racing association.

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