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I have terrible test anxiety, especially over an up coming professional exam that I am required to take. Could hypnosis help?

Asked by carolynf (8points) February 7th, 2010

Could hypnosis help to overcome test anxiety?

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I’ve never personally tried hypnosis, so I don’t know how effective it is. For me, the best thing I could do was convince myself that the test really wasn’t that important, and that the results didn’t matter. Once that was out of the way (easier said than done, of course), I could concentrate on the test itself rather than my emotions and worries over the consequences.

Good luck!

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I’ve never tried anything like it. But for easy solutions, try meditating (the simplest is just taking a Shavasanas pose and breathing slowly and steadily) and yoga as well as herbs. I use something called “Agua del Carmen” which is really strong but works really well. Some of its ingredients are mint, lemon, cinnammon, rosemary, clove and lemon balm.

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Hypnosis will just complicate your situation and cost you a lot of money. i say this, i have taken many critical exams dealing with law enforcement. either you know it or you don’t. i was a little anxious, but i overcame my fear by cramming and studying the night before. find a quite area, relax and read over previous notes and journals. sure, we all get anxious over tests, but how we individually handle this can make a big difference on the outcome. be anxious is not going to help you pass your test. i would leave the coffee alone.

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@john65pennington Ah, yes, the old “cram all night” strategy. Useful, but I’m too old to get away with it at this point! :)

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You will not need hypnosis. Before you take a test just remember and even look around at the other people..if you can. They aren’t singling you out. Other people have had to take a test and nothing bad happened to them. I have anxiety and I feel like my brain and lungs aren’t getting enough oxygen. What helps me is coloring. You may not be able to color, but think of something happy. A guy you like? Maybe even a favorite IM you and a frind have shared. Just breathe and you’ll be fine. Also if you are that afraid you can ask about medication.

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Hypnosis could work only if you’re suggestible. As mentioned it will be expensive. I would recommend you talk to your doctor about this. You’re giving is very little information for a diagnosis. But a competent doctor should be able to tell if you have general issues with anxiety. Social Anxiety Disorder etc.
If you’re a university student (and maybe some high schools), you may be eligible for disability services. They can ensure you take your exams in a quiet space should you need it.

But as suggested, being well prepared is reduces overall anxiety. Don’t focus on what everyone else is doing. You are not there to compete, you’re there to write your test. Someone that finishes early does not mean the test was easy or they did well – and vice versa.

Best of luck :)

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there is this super relaxer within yourself, built in so to speak.
It relaxes you, fills you with confidence, balances your energy.
Sounds like what you need?
Simple little thing, just by being aware of your breath.
your breath is like a little doorway that you can open by just being aware of it.
This action, being aware of your breath, centers you within yourself,
increases your awareness by awakening it, relaxes you, gives you confidence in your awareness…,in your self…
this knowledge you can take with you wherever you go, use it whenever you want to for immediate effect, without interfering with anything that you are engaged in.

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All this touchy feely stuff – beh. here comes modern medicine with a prescription drug to solve everything!!!

well I don’t know about everything, but a medication called propranolol is prescribed for stage fright. it basically blocks your body’s ability to respond to stress.

3 Ground rules, though.

1) obviosuly consult your physician before taking it. please for the love of GOD do not just buy it off the internet.

2) take a dose prior to your test day. See how it makes you feel. Don’t expect to do anything important that day.

3) please please please do not march into your doctor’s office saying “I heard about this medication and you have to give it to me

I considered taking this medication prior to my professional exams, but then I found out it would be in a situation where I would have to climb the stairs to go to different testing stations and one of the side effects is exercise intolerance, so that pretty much nixed it for me, but boy did I need it I was this rapidly uncoiling bundle of nerves. I can’t believe I passed it the first time.

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The best way to study for an exam is go over what you should know, then relax, listen to music, hang out with friends. A happy mind works better then a tired and tense mind.

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Be well prepared and eat eggs right before your test.

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