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What if I have my w-2's but the state ID # is missing and turbotax wont let me file without it?

Asked by heather187 (4points) February 7th, 2010

My company is tax exempt and doesn’t have a state ID # just an EIN but turbotax wont let me e-file without it. What can I do?

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Those are the same thing… EIN is Employer’s Identification Number. Put that number in the space and you’ll be good to go. My company is the same way.

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What @BBSDTfamily said. And I should warn that I did my taxes this year in both TurboTax and Tax Slayer and TurboTax was way off on calculating my state taxes.

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Your employer HAS to have a state ID in order to withhold your income taxes, if there is an income tax in your state.

Your employer is paying payroll taxes regardless of its tax exempt status. Your employer should be able to give it to you even if it is not printed on the state W-2.

At worst, ask your co-workers what they did. But HR or accounting should be able to give it to you,
What state are you in?

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Some states, I know about Michigan, use the Federal ID number for filing of payroll taxes so that might be why there is nothing printed on the W-2. Just a guess

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I have had good experiences with Turbo Tax customer service.

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Call turbo tax and ask them.

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