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Anyone use mixed chicks hair products?

Asked by iron7 (12points) March 3rd, 2008 from iPhone

the site is

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omg no but it makes me hungry! mmm chicken…you will find good info below

I use only moisturizing shampoos and thick, creamy conditioners. Some of my favorite are CurlFriends, Aveda Brilliance and Nexxus Botanoil and Humectress and, on the cheaper side, Garnier Fructis. When my hair is feeling especially dry, I do no-poo (conditioner wash) with Garnier Fructis Conditioner for Dry/Damaged Hair. I also like the Garnier Fructis Three Minute Masque.

For leave-in conditioner, my especial favorite is Mixed Chicks Leave-In Conditioner (–1b14–4304-9a03–95f7d23750e9

Interesting comparison of Aveda B. Curly and Mixed Chicks:

Be Curly is quite simply THE best curl treatment I have found in literally years of trying every damn curl product on the market for my very curly, frizz-prone mop. It’s pricey when bought in-store (and I don’t have a credit card for buying it cheaply elsewhere online) but even on a limited budget it is 100% worth it.
I cannot recommend it enough.

Currently i have long hair and have been learning alot so…
i do not have a relaxer i stopped getting them 5 years ago ( and i’ve only have 3 relaxers in my life time so this is all natural) so i can show you how to have straight hair that is still natural and about relaxers which ever one she prefers.
1. The shampoo, unfortunately many black women are using shampoos with alcohol and petroleum jelly. step away from them. Use Aveda’s shampoo.. specifically the name is Brilliant…go to the website. I use it, i love it, it mouisterizes my hair and the products are natural. i have also heard that KeraCare is good.
2. Okay, step two condition it and then it is time to comb it out, Do not use a brush on you hair when it is wet,,it will hate you for it then break off in revenge.
3. Do a hot oil treatment atleast once a month with extra virgin olive oil…repeat..EXTRA VIRGIN olive oil..not the regular stuff. unfortunately i have yet to take this step however my hair is doing great.
4. Okay on the daily basis you need to pay close attention to your hair…i recommend conditioning your scalp(atleast 3–4 times a week) it and your ends(everyday) so that they will not get dry and unhealthy .Petroleum jellly and mineral oil are weapons of mass destruction,,it does so much harm to your hair it cannot be all explained here. So you ask what do I use…well natural oils jojoba oi, extra virgin olive oil, sesame oil, emu oil, coconut oil…all these natural oils and more love you..i promise. I also use Aveda’s Brilliant(the name of the brand) emollient for my ends.
5. Next,,if you want your hair straight but still be natural it is time to get a freakin good flat iron.,i have the does the job but I recommend getting the Sedu because of the good reviews. make sure to protect your hair..i have so thermal protector from Aveda.
6. If you have a relaxer ( i have heard that Mizani and Affirm are the best relaxers) don’t continue to relaxer all your hair everytime you go to the salon..just the new growth and try to stretch relaxers as long as possible.
7. You do not need to trim your hair everytime you go to the salon maybe every 3 to 6 months.
8. Wrap your hair in a satin or silk scarf to prevent damage.
9. Eat healthy, drink lots of water,
10 take multivitamins, and fish oil pills you can get from GNC.
Follow these steps and life will be good..the best part about flat iron (which i do once a week or every two weeks not everday since it will kill your hair) is that it is not stringy but thick and healthy, yet straight and light enough to blow in the wind.
2 months ago

heres a site with hair care products for girls with hair like your neice.……

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I’ve used the mixed chicks. I’m half black and white and I have fine curly hair. I really like the product because it is different from other products that I’ve used. What makes it different is that it is like putting a light gel in your hair with the benefit of a great leave in conditioner. You have the best of both worlds. You go from friz to lustrous curls that stay like that all day. It’s not stiff or hard. It really helps to define your curls and makes them look moisturized and healthy. Sometimes I even blow dry my hair after I let it air dry and it stays looking moist. I think it’s a great product. It’s much better than an actual hair gel. It’s pretty cool. You should at least order it and try it to see for yourself. I don’t use any other products, just the leave in conditioner. I have tried their deep conditioner and it is awesome too.

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