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Obscure: Where in Southern California can I buy West Indian Bay leaves (pimenta racemosa)?

Asked by PupnTaco (13850points) February 7th, 2010

Not the standard culinary Bay leaves (Laurus nobilis). I’ve seen the essential oil around, but would prefer to find the whole leaves if possible.

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I always try Whole Foods or Bristol Farms for the not so common. You might be able to find it an an ethnic market. Would it be Caribbean?

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How about grow-your-own? So Cal has the right climate and I see a Bay Rum Tree for $9.99 on ebay.

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@tinyfaery: yes, Carribean. And toxic to eat, so I’m
guessing food stores won’t carry them. They’re used to make bay rum cologne.

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Ecogardenbotanicals has them on ebay and etsy.

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