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Do people know how much servers/waiters hourly pay wage is?

Asked by drewtyer (58points) March 3rd, 2008

i do because i am one but, i don’t believe everyone else does.

i’m interested to see what people say.

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My girlfriend waits tables at a high end restaurant here. She gets minimum wage and gets tips. She works about 25 hours per week and makes about 24K per year after taxes.

And I usually tip about 50%. I normally eat at greasy spoons so a meal that is 5$ turns out to be 7.50$.

And I know most people don’t do as well. My friends wife works at a IHOP and she isn’t compensated properly for how hard she works.

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in Cuba, a waiter earns more than a doctor, because everybody earns the same wage but waiters get tips too

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2.13/hr + tips

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In WA it’s min wage plus tips, but elsewhere, a pittance + tips.

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you are correct squirbel

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2.05 in some states I have worked as a cheif all over the country and at most the top servers made more than me

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4.21/hr my butt, lol… Which state does that?

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I get 2.13. Id kill to get min wage + tips. My pay checks are usually voided or like 2 dollars.

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