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What can I do to protect my XBox 360?

Asked by RocketSquid (3470points) February 7th, 2010

I recently bought a used (but fairly new) Xbox 360. After all the hype of the Red Ring of Death and other failures, I was wondering what precautions I can take to avoid needing repairs.

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the red rings come from overheating. When it gets hot to the touch or you hear the inner fan working overtime, take a break. Also, you can buy an intercooler fan that plugs on the back for about $15 at gamestop.

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Like @JONESGH stated, keeping the unit cool will prevent overheating. Also, if you notice the fans arn’t working correctly, make sure you fix the unit in short order and avoid excessive use. On that note, try to keep the unit away from enclosed space and make sure there is a lot of air circulation.

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You can build a barrier of 2” steel around it and then dig a mote filled with piranhas. Then, sandbag the outer perimeter of the mote and fence it off with laser sighted, remote claymores. This should protect your 360.

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@judochop wow!! Well, i suppose you can do that but it still won’t prevent it from over-heating =D

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Never stand the box vertically. Keep it flat. This keeps the pressure from the heat sinks uniformly straight down on the chips. Place a short ¾” board under the box, short enough that it doesn’t obstruct any vents holes on the bottom. This elevation will contribute to air flow. Buy a three fan intercooler. Snap it on the back and be amazed at how much heat is pumped out by the fans.

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I keep mine flat, elevated off of the ground on a wire rack in front of my TV. It’s worked fine for me for 2+ years.

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