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So it looks like the Saints have finally won, what do you all think about this?

Asked by Ailia (1363points) February 7th, 2010

I personally, being a Louisiana fan and all, feel really happy that they won(or almost at this point). But I know that not everyone was going for them. So what are your thoughts and feelings? Who were you all going for?

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Fantastic Game
Happy for New Orleans, they really needed this for all the people.

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Great team, great game…they kicked ass all season long…they deserve it!!

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And here I was rooting for the demons. But just you wait, Satan’s minions will prevail in the end!

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I could care less. Really.

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Stop the rotation of the planet. I would not have put money on it. When I was stationed in Gulfport, MS many years ago we would listen to a radio station out of New Orleans on Mondays and they had a show where people called in and explained why the Saints had lost the day before. At the clinic where I worked, we called it the “We lost again and here’s why” show.
Of course, I almost got killed for saying that Troy Aikens was a puss. Sheeesh! I was kidding Melanie!

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I loved that interception, and am glad the Saints won, although I wish it had been the Eagles.

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Definitely a shot in the arm for the city!

But I’m still pissed at the Steelers.

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@jmah I can see your point totally but when you think about what it means for Louisiana as a whole its amazing. It really makes one feel good. I never was a giant Louisiana fan but this merits some celebration you have to admit.

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blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

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This state needed to win this superbowl. ever since hurricane Katrina, Louisiana has had a rough time trying to make a comeback. this win was a prayer answered for all of its people and a lot of others. first trip to a superbowl and a winner! prayers were answered.

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Honestly, the only part of the game that I actually liked was after.
When the camera was on Drew Brees and his son? Yeah. Made my heart melt.

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@rangerr Me too!

I’m not a big football fan, and until yesterday didn’t even know who was playing. My brother lectured me on that, since we were born and raised in Indiana. We had some friends over tonight and actually watched the game. I was half-heartedly rooting for the Colts out of some dim sense of obligation, but do think it’s great the Saints won.

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I’ve rooted for the Saints since Katrina – I’m very happy for them (and very happy that I’m not in New Orleans right now).

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It was a good game. But I’m a big Manning fan, and therefore disappointed. But at least it wasn’t the Steelers. I would be much more unhappy if it would have been. Then again they wouldn’t have lost ;)

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I am really shocked to be honest. Not that I do not believe they were not deserving of it, but i am shocked because a team from New Orleans has won a huge trophy! I am proud of them. They played a great game and to be honest I thought the colts would have won by at least 10.

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@john65pennington and colts fans got a big ol’ NO!

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I was rooting for the Saints, but didn’t think they could win!


Can you imagine having to clean up Bourbon St. after this?

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I like the under dogs always…eithier of them were not my team

But I went with the Saints from the get go , should have bet some damn money.At first when Colts got the 10 points I was like man its over Saints ain’t ready for the super bowel yet. I was wrong hah!

Not to mention they got some balls for that kick after the 2nd half, I was worried at first figured “oh no blow out”, but they got in rhythm after the first half good stuff man.

And the catch for the 2 points just a great catch and good call.

Plus its there first super bowel win!

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Oh my gosh!! My family, friends and myself were, and still are super elated that the Saints won. We are driving to NOLA for the SuperBowl Parade tomorrow. We have been Saints fans all of our lives. It is so great for our state and the city of New Orleans. I cried when I saw Drew and his son. I cried when they won. There were firecrackers exploding, people hugging and crying and screaming. It was louder than NewYear’s Eve in our neighborhood. Home were filled with friends and family watching the game together. It was awesome!

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The city is one big party right now! Some schools were out today and everything is closing down early tomorrow for the Saints parade. The party won’t stop until after Fat Tuesday!

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