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Why do some waste their time determining "which country has the most beautiful people"?

Asked by eLenaLicious (822points) February 7th, 2010

I mean, don’t all countries have their “beautiful people?”
Would you think people from other ethnic backgrounds be offended if they were told, “hey…did you know Korea has the most gorgeous women?”
This for example:
Do you think that could impact a woman’s self esteem if they were sensitive enough? What do you think that site is trying to tell people?
I know looks should be the last thing you should be worrying about, but I just need a few opinions on this specific topic :)

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To further make all us average people feel bad about ourselves.

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haha. nevermind

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I noticed that the banner ad for the article was about mail order bride stuff, so perhaps the article fits their readership demographics?

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Some countries do have amazingly beautiful people. I generally do notice when people are beautiful and point it out, so this seems kind of normal to me. The link is right the Dutch are amazing, especially the women if you like blonds, and I typically prefer brunettes. I do it even from state to state. When I arrive in Penn Station in NY in the winter and see all of the men in dark overcoats, dark hair, I am taken by how many men are walking around who I find very attractive.

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Just yet another example of the shallowness of our society as a whole, and this particular demographic in particular. Can’t wait to see what my friend @wundayatta has to say about this.

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I think that the “which country/ethnicity/‘race’ has the most beautiful women/men/people” is like a slow race.

Beauty is wholly subjective and there are beautiful, and ugly, people in all ethnicities/countries. I avoid the word “race” because of the narrowness of that definition and how many genetic ethnicities are excluded.

The subjectiveness of the question makes it impossible to answer definitively.

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People are always interested in who is the best or most whatever. The problem is that when everyone expects to be the best, the ones not chosen feel like they did it wrong, or they weren’t good enough—as opposed to just not doing as well as someone else on this day. Of course, it’s worse when a panel of judges or the marketplace decides who is the best.

I would like to know how I compare to others, but the problem with knowing that is that when it turns out that I don’t compare as well as I want to, it hurts too much. So I prefer places where everyone is equal and no one gets measured against anyone else. When that kind of thing has started to happen here, I have strongly urged people to stop it.

So it’s not a waste of time. It’s about status. The most beautiful people are at the top of the heap, and they get the perks of that. More money, more people to admire them, and more status. Status, after all, is what people want.

We may not like it that beauty confers all these benefits, because we know it’s not something we have much control over. It’s genes, after all.

Except that we do have control over genes. We get to select the people we choose to reproduce with. Over the long run, we do control how we look by selecting the mates who have these advantages. If you think in the long run, this may not be shallow at all. For beauty, it turns out, is strongly associated with intelligence and success. Maybe we aren’t selecting for beauty, but for intelligence and success. Beauty just happens to come along.

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It is the last thing on my mind, as it happens.

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Hah sure I like some better than others, but I’m not gonna give you a list and call it gospel.

It’s totally subjective, like asking, “What’s your favourite colour…of person?

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As to why, I think it’s probably to generate some web content for an insatiable medium.

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Because the concept of beauty is one that matters to many people – or we wouldn’t be so obsessed with ways to ‘fix’ ourselves to be more ‘beautiful’ – I don’t think this is right.

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Good question, especially when the answer is—the country that hosts the most ethnicities :P (Aka, people from all backgrounds can be beautiful.. and often especially their respective hybrids)

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at least they do something
do you think it would’ve been better if these guy would’ve stayed all day drinking beer and watching football?

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I’ve traveled a lot, and I’ve found that the most beautiful people were in those areas that had genetic melting pots like Turkey and Spain. The ugliest people were in places where there is a lot of genetic homogeniety (I won’t name the countries to be polite).

I specifically remember getting whiplash in Seville…

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