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How and Where do I aply for an art grant?

Asked by sunyata_rakshasa (350points) February 7th, 2010

i have no idea where to begin…any help will be great

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Are you a citizen of the US? Then you could apply via your state’s arts council. Better yet, your state’s arts council will have information to apply on the national level as well. The National Endowment for the Arts would probably have some info on national grants as well.

Here’s info on how to write a grant.

Here’s other places in the US that give out arts grants.

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thanks a load…much love you you…oh and yes i am an American citizen

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in addition to @aprilsimnel ‘s great answer…. look to your local arts council (or city council if you don’t have a designated arts council), too. The NEA and your state’s art council are good sources, but (unless you live in an area with a whole lot of arts organizations competing for grants) you have a much higher chance with the local council. Why? Because they’re more invested.

Where are you based? What kind of organization are you? Are you doing a capital campaign or looking for general operating funds? Answering these questions can help me help you. :)

As for how to apply…well, get an application and start writing. I recommend taking a class or doing some serious studying before you actually apply though; because of limited funding these grants are extraordinarily competitive.

please ignore any typos this may contain. My keyboard sucks.

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Another good resource is the Foundation Center – they have great classes, workshops, libraries and online tutorials about how to start looking for grants and funding. If you’re in one of the half a dozen cities where they have offices, you can go there and use their libraries and get help from an actual person, but if not, they also have some great online resources. I’m pretty sure you have to pay to search their online funding database, but I definitely recommend the free online tutorials for anyone who’s just getting started. Good luck!

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thanks…unfortunately i am not an organization but rather an individual artist…and my local arts council doesn’t give of out grants to individuals

@StephK… im based in the city of Minneapolis, MN, im a individual, and i just need general operating funds…

im just at a stale mate with finances, and some people suggested i try for some grants…so i asked this question…

im not even sure if i qualified for a grant as an individual untrained artist…i trained my self…i do graffiti style stencil work on clothing,s hat,s bags, canvas, ply wood, chunks of concrete drilled with hooks and hung on a wall…etc.

any how thanks for the great information…

@sdeutsch… thanks for this great resource…cheers

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This is your regional arts council (aptly named “Metropolitan Regional Arts Council”). Get acquainted. If you visit them, they’ll be able to give you a wealth of information and guidance. I suggest going in person to illustrate your interest. They’ll probably direct you to a (hopefully) online form, point you to some places/workshops in Minneapolis that can help you in your grant writing skills, and answer any specific questions you might have.

By the way, I’m pretty sure you’re safe being untrained. Most grantors look at caliber of art and intended use above everything else.

Oh, and this is good news for you (The McKnight foundation gives grants to the regional arts councils (RAC) in Minneapolis: “NOTE: Beginning in 2010, the regional arts councils will direct all McKnight funding to support individual artists. For the latest information, visit the RAC in your area.”

You might also consider fellowships, taking up some kind of artist-in-residency, or getting contracted for specific projects. Just ideas.

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Based on what you said about the kind of funding you’re looking for, you might want to check out Kickstarter – it’s basically a way to do micro-fundraising (raising money in small increments from a lot of people, instead of one big grant). If you’ve got specific projects that you need funding for, it’s great – just set up an account and send it out to everyone you know – you’d be amazed how many people are willing to give you $5 because they think your project is cool… :) Kickstarter is invite-only, so if you look at it and want to try it, let me know – I’ve probably got a few friends who still have invites left…

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Wow, that’s awesome; I might be interested in looking into that or similar initiatives when I’m finished learning my editing software!

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@StephK…thanks a bunch…ill head over to them this week…

@sdeutsch ,...this site seems great…if you do have friends with invites…and can convince them to send me one…that would be a life saver…the projects i have in mind thus far are a series of graffiti style surrealist paintings involving people without faces, faces stroon across landscapes like scattered masks…etc…to express the sorrowful fleeting meaninglessness of the proverbial masks men and women wear everyday to hide the truth about them selves, and even deeper that what ever that self is, is merely an illusion

i have a few other projects in the mix as well…but that is the one captivating me as of late…

any how thank you all soo much i am many more steps toward my goals than i was when i posted this question…thanks you

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@sunyata_rakshasa I’ll ask around for invites – if I find one, I’ll PM you to get your email address. Your project sounds really interesting!

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