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In a store, would you say something to someone who had a whole cart full of stuff at the Express checkout?"?

Asked by jca (36005points) February 7th, 2010

Today i was in Walmart and i got on the Express line. The sign said “Express: 20 items or Less”). Someone near the front of the line had a whole cart full of stuff – clothes, baby stuff, etc. While we waited, I saw him look at the sign several times, so he definitely knew it was express. When the cashier started to ring him up, I asked her for the manager. The cashier told me there’s nothing she could do about it. The manager told me the same thing.

When i got to the cashier to be rung up, she told me they can’t say anything about it, but what sometimes happens is other customers will say something to the person. She told me that one time she saw a fist fight over it, and that’s why they have the cops there. I had not wanted to say something to the guy for two reasons: one, because i did not think it was up to other customers to point out things like “hey, are you buying all those things? because the sign says 20 items or less.” my second reason was that i know myself, and i know if the guy was nasty to me i would definitely be nasty back and i did not feel like getting into an argument, especially because i know those arguments often deteriorate into “f…. you, f…. you” situations.

i am wondering what other Fluther members would do in a situation like that. would you say something to the person? to me, if someone has a few extra items it is understandable, but to have a whole cart full of stuff there’s just no excuse for.

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Being a bit of a wiseass myself, I would probably say something like, “Wow! And here I thought all along that this was the EXPRESS checkout line!” ; )

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Yes, I would explain to them that it is curtousy to head the signs posted at the express check out. That these signs are meant to keep these lines moving at an efficient pace. Sometimes though the express person will tell them to go into another line so at that point I wouldn’t need to do anything.

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I’d mention something but I wouldn’t waste any more of my energy – the asshole person would just keep doing it.

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You can’t change people, exactly what Simone_De_Beauvoir said, he knew what he was doing…saying something would only provoke a more negative situation. Surely it’s inconsiderate, but saying something to him or even calling the manager over I wouldn’t have done. I’d grunt and groan maybe but think “is it going to kill me to wait in line longer?” And no, obviously it wouldn’t. Karma is a bitch, where you aren’t.

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I said something not to long ago while in a check out at Fred Meyers. I was in the 15 Items or less line and homegirl had a whole entire cart full of stuff. She was unloading it infront of me and all I said was, you need that check out lane and I pointed to the sign and the one to the right of us. She told me to mind my own business so I called her a moron and told her that she was the decline of the western civilization. It did not go well.

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I wouldn’t say anything to them, there’s no point. I’m sure they can read the sign and have an understanding of what express means. I would just tip their cart over. Lol.

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This is such a huge pet peeve of mine. I totally count every item in peoples carts, because I use the line very often and think it’s just so rude to use it as a regular line.
I’ve never said anything to the cashier, I usually just mutter something making sure the person can hear. I’m quite passive aggressive about it.
I don’t understand why the staff can’t do anything about it though. Why can’t they direct the person to a regular line?

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I wouldn’t say anything. But if I was working the register I would probably ring up the items until they hit the limit and ask them to get to the back of the line.

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This woman attempted to jump in front of me, while i had been standing in line for hours. she said “aw honey, i only a few items”. i told her, “lady, go to the back of the line and wait like the rest of us. do you think you are a pc or someth”? needless to say, she was pissed and frankly i did not care. it was her attitude that did her in. had she asked nicely, i might have considered it, but she was arrogant and almost demanding. i told her again to go to the rear or suffer the consequences. she said, “what consequences”? i said arrest. she then changed her tune and left the store. you have to take up for yourself and i did.

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For just a couple of items over, I let it slide as not that big a deal.

But for someone being ridiculous about it, I have been known to say something (to another person also waiting)
along the lines of ” I’m trying to figure out what their problem is with that overloaded cart in an express line. Is it that they don’t know how to read or that they never learned how to count past ten? What do you think?”

I figure if they’re going to be an asshole about it, then they deserve the laughter and mocking ridicule of the other folks who are likewise being inconvenienced by their thoughtlessness.

Hopefully they’ll think twice before trying it again. If there are no others in line behind me, I’ll frame my rhetorical question to the cashier.

So far, only one of these jerks has ever had the gall to try to start something with me. Since I’m not confronting them directly, that doesn’t normally happen. But, with this one, I just kept my tone calm and level, looked her straight in the eye and said ” well, I was just wondering why anyone would be so deliberately thoughtless of other people. ”

Feel free to borrow this if it suits your style. I just feel that if someone has the nerve to so blatantly ignore the sign, then I have a right to be snarky about it. They are the one in the wrong. Why should I have to accept it in meek silence? That just encourages repeat behavior.

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Well.. it’s WALMART!!!! You can’t really expect people there to be polite and actually respect the signs. I had this happen to me at a super market once and I did make it a point to confirm with the cashier that I was in the express lane while the lady in front of me listened. She didn’t say anything but I could tell she was embarrassed. She didn’t even turn to look at me and got out of there as soon as she could. I really think it is rude to make others wait just because you don’t want to go through a regular lane when you clearly have more than the items listed.

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Honestly, no because I don’t care about waiting for five more minutes. It’s often faster to use non-express lines anyway.

Plus, I’ve been called over to an ‘express’ register before when I had a full cart because they were open and were helping the regular registers to catch up. So I don’t know if the ‘jerk’ in front of me was called over there like I have in the past and I wouldn’t like to be wrong in my accusation. Plus I don’t enjoy shaming other people.

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No. That’s the store’s prerogative.

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The staff in the supermarkets here would refuse to allow him to join the queue for the express checkout. They enforce the rules here.

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