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does anyone have energy legs?!

Asked by jpilzie (13points) March 3rd, 2008 from iPhone

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are they anything like bionic legs? or perhaps restless legs syndrome?

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I’m more concerned by people with jazz hands…

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…and spirit fingers

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I not only have energy legs, I have 400 BABIES! And they’re all KENYANS!

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I think my pug has “energy legs”. She never stands still!!!

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Are energy legs and turbopuns a byproduct of Powerthirst?

i am uncomfortably energetic!

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I sure hope they are, PrincingUrchin, otherwise I’m terribly embarrassed by my previous answer.

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this question certainly wasn’t one of your dad’s puns…

But the question should be which flavor gives you BETTER energy legs, shocklate, or rawberry…


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