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Have you ever occurred a Fluther crisis?

Asked by Christian95 (3260points) February 8th, 2010

I have periods when my mind is totally blank I can’t think at any question to ask Futher,I can’t give answers I can’t do anything.It’s just like the Fluthere inside me just got a vacation without telling me.Have you ever experienced something like this?

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Yes I have. I find myself hitting the refresh button every 17 seconds hoping for activity on one of my old posts that will help kick start me.

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No, when I don’‘t know the answer, I do some research but only if I am interested in the subject. There are enough questions to keep me busy for several hours. After that, I simply move on to a different site.

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It’s not really a crisis for me. I can go months without asking a question. If I don’t have a question, I don’t force one or anything. Same with answers. There are many days I just read stuff and don’t actually post anything. I still enjoy my Fluther experience, though.

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I’ve had moments of substandard lucidity but not in crisis proportions. If I draw a blank trying to formulate answers and/or comments, I just follow the question(s) I’m interested in and come back later when I’m ready to submit something worthwhile. In the meantime, I just go on to the next question or I take a break from Fluther and come back later in the day.

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Sometimes I feel like there’s nothing I can contribute, but I do not feel that as a “crisis”, I just go do something else meanwhile.

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I’m like @loser on this one.

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Some days I type and delete more answers than I post. I’m not much of a question-asker. I usually just pop in to see what’s going on…or flirt with Zen

@Zen_Again, Hi honey! (waving across the virtual chasm)

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@PandoraBoxx: The man does look suspiciously similar to that sexy beast Patrick Stewart.

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Yes often, I don’t ask too many questions because they get pulled.

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Waves back at @PandoraBoxx Hi babes – wassup?

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Crisis fuck no. Hypocrisy oh yeah.Outrageous enforcement of regulations by the mods.Blatantly changing what they deem suitable or otherwise whenever it suits them. Or it may depend on who you are rather than what you post. Either way if mods are going to be put in place they should at least be consistent in what they do.Or else risk looking completely redundant.They know what i’m referring to by the way.Anyway question answered I believe,moving on.

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Yep. Sometimes I just don’t feel like Fluthering. I visit every day, but some days I just end up clearing out my queue because no questions appeal to me or I’m just not into it.

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There are times where I have prolonged periods of not asking questions but there are always questions I am happy to answer and discussions I can take part in in the meantime.

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Flutherland Security Advisory System

Severe -Severe risk of Fluther crisis: Deletion of Fluther account.
High- High risk of Fluther crisis: Voluntary extended vacation from Fluther activity.
Elevated- Elevated risk of Fluther crisis: Few questions answered, mostly lurking is involved.
Guarded- General risk of Fluther crisis: Answers and ask questions freely. Knows which questions and Flutherites to avoid.
Low- Low risk of Fluther crisis: Answers most questions. Wonders why there is a limit for asking questions.

I’ve been at the elevated risk for the past month.

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I am not really here.

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Wait a minute there… “Have I ever occurred a Fluther crisis?”

Doesn’t this belong in the “verbing nouns” thread? I’ve never occurred a damn thing, but I may have occasioned a problem now and again.

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I have days when I feel that I have nothing to contribute. Mass deleting of questions that I might otherwise answer. Typing out an answer and deleting it, thinking “nobody wants to read this drivel”.

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