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How much snow has fallen this winter in your area?

Asked by djbyron (147points) March 3rd, 2008 from iPhone

Is it just me or has this been the most snow we’ve seen in years?

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here in Memphis, TN, we’ve seen about 2 flakes of snow, I think…but it could have just been trash or something. I’d say this is the least amount of snow we have seen in years.

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Yea.. guess I should clarify… Those of you who see snow regularly. :-)

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Steamboat Springs, Colorado has had over 30 feet snow all season. Some nice skiing. It is a lot of snow, but we’re not complaining. One of the many benefits of that much snow is when it melts, rivers won’t be low, and there will be a good amount of water.

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CA San Diego, none, last week it was 80 degrees, but I was thinking of you.

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In Lafayette, LA we had no snow and we to have been in the 80’s

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I live in west texas it has snowed maybe like 5inches. LOL besides that it hailed last night. : )

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This has been one of the mildest winters (for snow) in New York that I can remember. It’s snowed about three times and two of those had rain the next day so it all washed away. We’ve been just south of all the bad storms that have come through the northeast this year. That being said, it’s only March. There’s still time.

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poor djbyron. Everyone seems to be shooting down your idea that this has been a big snow season. Although, half of these people are in warm climates. I will sort-of agree with you, what with my living in the West and seeing first hand all of this snow. Also, having family back home in Chicago, I can say that they have seen plenty of snow for the season. One of the snowiest winters on record, there.

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@Breedmitch; even tho I am only a 2 hr drive N of you, we have had not just snow, but tedious freezing rain and sheets of ice. Let me send you a copy of my plowing and sanding bill – so far. (Did wine bar open yet?)

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I know what he’s talking about an active winter. I go to school at NIU near Chicago and we’ve seen almost 60 inches which is a lot more than in recent years and one of the snowiest in the last 100 years.

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Up here in upstate NY we’ve gotten hammered the last two weeks. Just wanted to see if anyone else has had a similar experience this winter.

Story in Canadian Nation Post states that this is the most snow cover we’ve seen since 1966.

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@djbyron; where in upstate NY?

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In Qu├ębec city, the snow almost reach the bottom of the roof.. When you watch outside, you only see white…

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Very little =[

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this is kinda crazy. It’s snowing right now.

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@gailcalled Adirondack region

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hehe… Like a whole 2 inches in southeast, OK

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Sacramento ca
no snow

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we had snow all day yesterday, but unfortunately, the temperature for the day before that was about 70 degrees, so the ground was too warm for it to stick!

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Today is 12/19/09 I live in NYC and we are having a Blizzard .
How do you shovel 12 to 15 inches of snow ?

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Ask me tomorrow. I live just north of NYC and am waiting to be pasted tomorrow.

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