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If you knew that people would follow you, where would you lead them?

Asked by kihara (81points) February 8th, 2010

What could you achieve if you knew that people would follow you? Where would you lead them?

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To the kitchen,where they would then cook me breakfast :)

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Down the road to happiness!

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Towards acceptance.

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In a Conga (rats) Line.

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To Stovokor!

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probably off a cliff, leming-style.


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Lurve for the Klingon rememberance :)

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To an intelligently designed single payer health care system for the United States.

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To peace.

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Into volunteering some time for public service. I struggle constantly to encourage my employees to work with Habitat, donate blood, I even bribe them with t-shirts to bring in 2 cans of food for the food bank. I guess it’s just not in some people to volunteer, but imagine how much could get done if more people did.

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Police station!. Or maybe run faster to my house.

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To being compassionate, truthful, happy. Solving our socio-environmental problems.

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back to their homes. I don’t think anyone should follow anyone else, least of all me.

ucme's avatar

To their bank accounts

Merriment's avatar

Back to themselves.

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The pressure! I don’t know where I’d go or what I’d do. I’m no leader!
I suppose, then, that I’d lead them to a better leader.

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Deep within.

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probably to jacques fresco. then i would say ” now lets see if your plan works ”

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There’s quite a long list of people that I would be happy to lead over a cliff.

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A world with pervasive green technologies.

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