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Whats a really random topic for an isearch paper?

Asked by pterodactylover808 (139points) February 8th, 2010

I want something fun and interesting. I have already thought of two prompts i just need a third. Here are my other two:
What are the effects on a person that has undergone physical and/or medical trauma?

Is body language a true indicator of emotions and is it a reliable way to understand what people are feeling?

Im interested in dinosaurs, psychology, medicine, human behavior, societal trends

I thought about something that had to do with how middle children vs. younger children vs. Oldest children are affected by their position in the family and how they relate to people because of it. IDK ! help

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Maybe if monagamy was developed by society or if it’s intrinsic in humans.

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What, masturbating dinosaurs isn’t random enough?

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@CyanoticWasp It’s random, but it’s fucking dumb….obviously….lol.

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@Blackberry what if it leads to the conclusion that that’s how they went extinct? Sounds like important work here.

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@Cyanotic Wasp-or impotent work!LOL!

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I’m a dinosaur that hasn’t a clue about body language. “Aspergers Syndrome in Dinosaurs”?

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What’s an isearch paper? If it’s anything like a research paper, your topics are probably too broad.

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Who is likely to be the last person on earth who remembers a time before computers?

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