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Got something "special" planned for your sweetie on V-Day?

Asked by john65pennington (29197points) February 8th, 2010

Valentines day has always been a special day of the year for me. when i was 8 years old, i remember decorating an old cigar box with red, white and black tissue paper, to give to my girlfriend in elementary school. a red cupid was on top of the box and i was really proud of my art work. my girlfriend, age 7, loved it and almost cried. what plans do you have for your best girl/boy for this Valentines Day? love is in the air, so make it count!

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I don’t know, it’s quite difficult because I always leave him little notes saying I love you. I always get him cards and photos and cute things. I’m scanning the internet for some inspiration.

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As with most sweeties there’ll be some unwrapping, a little sucking, & a lovely after taste.

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We’ll make dinner together – fondue, which is sensuous and romantic. I bought him a pretty card. He’s not into the holiday – wanted to “stick it to Hallmark” and not buy stuff. But I’m sure he’ll show that he loves me in some creative way.

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Sadly no. I hope reading all y’alls plans won’t make me weepy. If it does, I’ll keep it to myself and not ruin it for everybody else. I bought him a reciprocating saw last year. Not romantic, I know, but that’s what he wanted, and it matched the line sander that I got him the month before for his birthday. :-)

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@shadling21 – My boyfriend and I are having a fondue as well, so much fun.

I don’t really know yet. I’ve been juggling a few ideas around for a while now, I was thinking rock climbing because he has always wanted to do that. We always get each other cute cards and write super long notes in them that make us cry, ha ha. We switch off on who’s responsible for the day time and who’s responsible for the night time.

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I couldn’t wait and have already exchanged a few things, cards, kisses and lots of love.

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We don’t really celebrate Valentines Day to be honest. I consider myself very lucky that my boyfriend is very loving all the time and so Valentines is just another day.

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We are going to the rocky mountains. He has a surprise hotel booked for the 3 day weekend. Dinner, wine, candles, in room hot tub and he mentioned roses at one point. He has always been one to romance me<3 I’m very excited!

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My fiancee has never seen snow. I plan to take her to Julian CA, just outside San Diego for the best apple pie ON ERF, a little fun in the snow… and then to dinner at oune of our favorite restaurants. Simple but fun.

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