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Who else will most likely buy Google's phone on day one?

Asked by needleinthehay (190points) March 3rd, 2008

I really can’t wait for any sort of announcement, plus android seems awesome. I imagine it will be pretty reasonably priced as well. I just can’t wait for some info to drop.

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Not me… I’m going to wait to see an open source phone OS in the wild before jumping on that band wagon. I love Google and use all of their services but there’s just something about having the support of a single company behind a paid product. Not saying that Google won’t do a great job, we just don’t know how it’s going to be adopted yet. (Android demos look promising, but then again iPhone SDK drops this week and they will once again set the bar)

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an sdk release setting the bar? lol

open source would be nice, but i imagine it’ll be cracked pretty easily anyway.
if google fails me, it looks like i will have to buy an iPhone =/
i don’t see how that could happen though, google has plenty of time to build off the iPhone design.

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Yea my bad.. SDK itself won’t set the bar, I’m just saying that with the SDK coming out this week, real-world apps will hit the streets first and give the iPhone a huge head start, again… Similar apps will obviously be built on Android but having 3rd party apps available on iPhone first will no doubt be something to watch in the upcoming weeks/months.

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Ah, yeah. It’s quite a head start. Doesn’t google have some apps on the iPhone? This is going to be sorta weird.

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Yea if you go to on the iPhone they have almost their entire app collection in one really simple sweet gui. Only thing it really lacks is ability to edit google docs (as of now they’re read-only).

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Google has a phone?!?!!? :O I didn’t even know that…..

After looking it up i think i wouldn’t buy it personally, but i looks like a very good phone!

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To my knowledge Google won’t be making the physical phone but rather the open source software that will be adopted by certain manufacturers and/or providers. Definitely promising. It will be good for the market for sure (give the iPhone and other smart-phone manufacturers something to compete against and in-turn keep the apps fresh)!

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either that or iPhone 2

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