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Anyone ever read the short story "The Rocking- Horse Winner" by D.H. Lawrence. If yes, What movie does it remind you of?

Asked by tamkli3 (275points) February 8th, 2010

Just wondering because I had to read it for my english class and out of all the stories I found this one the weirdest, but in a good way. It kind of reminded me of Donnie Darko in a sense. And there’s another movie it reminds me about but I can’t really put my finger on it.

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I just had to read that for English Class. I hate the class but I REALLY liked that story for some weird dark reason. I can’t think of any movies similar to the story but I would like to see one made.

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@jctennis123 yea… If you really liked Rocking- Horse Winner, I’d definitly recommend Donnie Darko… It’s along the lines of the same concept… i wacthed it a couple of days ago, i liked it in a weird dark way too.

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I’ve just read a synopsis of it, but it certainly sounded like a great expose of human ambition and the harm it can do when channeled in the wrong direction. I can’t say as I can match up the story with any particular movie.

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I have read the story (and found it to be eerily fascinating) but I can’t think of any movie that matches up with it (of course, most of the time I prefer a good book to a movie).

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