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Where is a good place to go for a short winter holiday?

Asked by EmpressPixie (14721points) February 8th, 2010

We are trying to figure out somewhere to go for a short (long weekend) holiday in about a month. We’re okay with it being the off-season for the area. Travel-wise, our main interest is eating some delicious food and spending time alone together since we both have housemates that make spending time alone together at home less possible. Where should we go?

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Where do you live? There are some lovely bed-and-breakfasts in the Finger Lakes region of New York State. Very cozy and secluded. :-)

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What about Palm Springs? It’s not that far from you and the weather should be nice.

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I’m in Pittsburgh and he’s in Chicago, but we’re both willing to travel.

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I have a great place for you in Vermont. They have weekend packages. Very romantic, great food… lots to do. Here.


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If you are looking for good food and a quiet time, try New Orleans. By that time Mardi Gras will have settled down, and it will definitely be off-season. You might find some good hotel rates. Check out the “Hotel Monteleone“ I hear they have a killer Sunday Champagne brunch!

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What about 7 Springs or Nemacolin? They’re close to Pittsburgh, and quite nice, too.

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New Orleans is my favorite for get away weekends. You have museums, parks, amazing live entertainment, some of the best food in the world, and plenty of night life.

The Corn Stalk Inn and the Ambassador are to of my favortie places to stay for reasonale price. Also renting houses in New Orleans can be very cheap. Be ready to pay around $20—$30 a day for public parking.

If you like sushi I recomend the Rock n Saki Bar.

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The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park Colorado is really nice too. Sitting on the porch looking at the mountains is something everyone should experience. The town is very cute and has some interesting shops and bars. I try to go every year.

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The Stanley is supposed to be haunted.

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I grew up in New Orleans, so we can’t really go there to “get away”.

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Canada: Banff National Park or Jasper; both are beautiful and have fantastic things to do! If you are going to Banff, let me know! I use to live in Canmore (20 min from Banff) so I know the area very well and could point you in the direction of some “secret” but beautiful things to see :D

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Sebastian, Florida

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Fort Myers Florida, Frankenmuth mi. Idk we would need to no where you live.

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@Shae wait a minute… Stanley Hotel? Isn’t that the place with REDRUM painted in blood on some of the doors?

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@CyanoticWasp It is where is where Mr King was inspired to write The Shining and Pet Cemetery. Haven’t seen any blood soaked doors but they do sell a RedRum there that tastes like Malibu. ;)

@Yetanotheruser One of my dearest friends was hired this past year as the Stanley’s Official Ghost Hunter. She takes guests on late night ghost hunts. If you are ever there ask for Callea.

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as a cultural melting pot, NYC has great food and sights, at any hour, day or night . . . my suggestion for anyone considering visiting Metro NY: fly into Newark (EWR), if economizing on lodging, choose hotels in Jersey City, Elizabeth or Secaucus, NJ. Manhattan is just 20–30 min train ride from these 3 locations. At the south end of NJ is Atlantic City, a mere 2-hr drive down the Garden State Parkway by rental car or on a casino bus.

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How about Charleston, SC?

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I agree with @Shae…New Orleans is a great place to eat all kinds of really incredible food. Otherwise any big city will have tons of great restaurants and hopping night life to choose from. Get a room at a high rise hotel and enjoy the view and peace and quite with your lover! Enjoy!

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Pacific Grove/Monterey California

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As an update: we went to Madison, Wisconsin and stayed at a very cute, eco-friendly B&B. It was lovely and I did not want to leave.

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