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How do i push my bellybutton ring back through without hurting?

Asked by abrooke (69points) February 8th, 2010

So about 6 months ago i had my belly button pierced, but i took it out about 3 months ago. Now, i want to put it back in but only like an earing (for your ear which is an 18 gauge) will fit in it. It’s still open just not as big as the belly button ring (which is a 14 gauge). I’ve tried to just push it back through but im too much of a chicken. What should i do?

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I thought I needed to pierce my ears a second time,so I took an icecube,numbed it and pushed a large needle through.It hurt and I got what I wanted.Now I have two too many holes in my head ;))

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go get a 16g earring and try to force that one through, then a week or so later push the 14g through. baby steps.

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@JONESGH great idea, but one prob its not really that healthy to put earing jewelery in parts of our bodys that require the proper “body mod” jewelery. they do make diff size hoops. bar bells for that reason ya know…. i have a 16g hoop in my lip cuz i got sick of the big gawdy lookin 14g’s and i have a 6g bar bell in my tongue, you can find them anywhere now days. me personally i say quit being a sissy la la and just shove it through, you know that the pain isnt guna last long after its done, and you managed it well enough when you got it pierced the first time didnt you…

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