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Does the sending address on the envelope matter when filing for tax returns?

Asked by Breefield (2728points) February 8th, 2010

I just sent my state and federal returns from school, but my address, name, etc are on the actual documents. Aside from the school getting back my mail if it doesn’t make it – will they send the actual returns to the address enclosed on the inside of the envelope?

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The return address on the envelope is only where the Post Office should return the envelope in the unlikely event that it is undeliverable. My return address is always (only) my house number, street name, and ZIP code. I never use my name, town or state on the envelope—but I make sure that those other three are legible!

The IRS will process your return (or address questions) only to the address that you provide on the forms.

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When you say returns, do you mean REFUND? Any correspondence that the IRS and/or State Tax office will send you will be sent to the mailing address indicated on the tax return, and that includes any refund check.

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Good deal, I mean refund. Sounds like I’m in the clear then.

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I sent my return from my current address, but used my mothers address for the refund on the form. My refund has already arrived and went to my mothers address.
On a side note, even if you slightly screwed up on the shipping address by putting the wrong address, but used the correct zipcode it will still make it to the IRS. I’ve done this by mistake in the past and it still made it there.

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