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How do I have 2 users check 1 Gmail throuh Outlook?

Asked by woodlandanimals (84points) March 3rd, 2008

I’m thinking that the only real way is to use IMAP since POP will only give the mail to the first computer to download it? Both users must be able to send and receive as that account.

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IMAP would be your best bet but even then there’s limitations. If one user deletes an email prior to the other one it might not pull down locally.

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IMAP would work, but then messages read by one would not be marked “new” for the other. I would create a second gmail account, and then make the first one forward its messages to it, as well as keeping them in its own inbox. Then both users would get the same messages and could do with them as they please.

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Djbyron: that’s how i have it set up now… but they were complaining that they couldn’t send and receive messages as each other.

on the online version of gmail, you can send as another email address… Anyone know if you can set that up through outlook?

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sorry: response was actually to blunckhouse :)

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I don’t think that can be done through outlook. Regarding blunckhouse’s suggestion to setup multiple gmail accounts… This would work… Setup two accounts (the second one having a different address of course). You could then set that second account to send email as the first (original) one. I don’t think you can do this via Outlook though (send as someone else). One down side to setting gmail up to send as someone else is that depending on the email client/program it will say “ sending as” This might be a deal breaker depending on your situation.

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