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How do you delete questions on fluther?

Asked by melissaissexy2 (66points) February 8th, 2010

I want to delete my two questions on fluther because I have the information I need. How do I go about doing this?

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You can’t.

Unless you suck up to the mods.

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You can’t. Keeping it there lets other people get that information that you have now.

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Your questions and the fluther’s answers have now added to the sum total of human knowledge. What has been learned cannot be unlearned.

Except Algebra and English grammar and spelling, apparently. Those seem to be entirely forgettable. Oh, and manners. No one seems to remember those. Well, there’s History, too.

Damn. I guess everything is eventually forgotten, and your Q&A probably will be, too, one of these days.

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The dark overlords of the fluther matrix continue to feed off of the energy of old questions indefinitely.

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Easy. Just get on your knees and beg the mods or the Fluther gods to remove said question.

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Looks like it worked, this is the only question showing on your profile.

You should think about other people who are interested in the same information sometime in the future. They will look on Google, and see all the questions we ask and answer, and be able to find the information here.

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What I like about these “fluther” questions is it brings out all the old-timers – how you guys doing?

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[mod says] For the record, the questions were removed, but not because of the op’s request. They were removed because they violated guidelines.

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