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How do I get my cat to stop peeing on things?

Asked by kyraugh (201points) February 8th, 2010

My cat has been in and out of the vet office recently due to urinary tract infections, constipation, and now slight kidney malfunctions (she’s likely developing kidney disease – but we’ve caught it early and are treating it). When she had her urinary tract infection and constipation she was peeing and pooping on the floor because, as the vet said, the act of going in her litter box reminded her of things that were bad (ie, pain) so she went elsewhere. I’ve since had her cleared up and she went in her box for a few days, but now she’s back to doing her business everywhere but the box.

I even tried moving the litter box to a new place and that seemed to work for a short bit. And when she came back from the vet in better health she went in her box for a few days but now she’s not again. Help! How can I change this behaviour?!

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What your vet said about UTIs, constipation, and other difficulty voiding is very true.

You said that she went in her box for a few days after the last vet visit and now she is at it again… she might be developing problems again. Take her back to the vet.

I had a cat with a uric crystal problem and, whenever it kicked in, she did that. It was how I knew when she was having the problem.

Be sure that your litterbox is kept absolutely clean. If it is (I suspect it is based on how much it looks like you care about your cat) try changing the litter pan itself and using a different type of litter… that might help break the association with pain that your cat has.

Before anything else, though, I would take her back to the vet.

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Good old classical conditioning:
If the cat pees in the house again, do something that it doesn’t like, for example, if the cat doesn’t like going outside, put it outside, or if it doesn’t like getting wet, get it wet. It will soon come to associate peeing in the house with whatever it is that it doesn’t like, and the peeing in the house will stop.

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Ok, so this is the advice of a cat hater—probably not what you want—but you could get rid of your cat. Let the vet put it down. Sigh. I’m sure no one will go for this, but it is an option.

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Once they have gotten their scent all over the house, the instinct that leads them to return to the litter box will apply equally to any spot where the urine can still be detected.

The way to fix this is NOT to punish the cat.

It is to get yourself a black light and turn it on at night and you will see all the spots luminescently glowing.

You’ll see all the other spots and spills and drips and drabs too so it can be pretty traumatic to see how clean your house really isn’t..

Now that you know where the big spots are you should soak them with a Enzymatic Pet Stain Remover..available at most stores that carry cat foods. (Walmart, Petsmart both carry it)

Allow these spots to completely dry then repeat the black light maneuver. Retreat the areas if necessary. Once they are deodorized the cat will lose interest in reusing that area.

Also, if she was using the box and then stopped again you may want to have her rechecked by the vet. It could be that it is still hurting her.

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Good old classical conditioning:If the cat pees in the house again

pee on the cat. :)

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Oh I was thinking with my answer that changing the box and litter entirely might not be a good thing… that would take your cat’s smell out of the litterbox.

I think @Merriment is more on the ball with this one.

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or just put the black light in the bathroom over the litterbox..
cats love Raves

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@SeventhSense – But then they take Ectasy/XTC and drink all that water…...
and back to square one

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I had a friend who peed on his cat.

Believe it or not, it apparently worked.

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