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Why would my cellphone not receive/send messages to one particular person, when all other text messages seem to be going through?

Asked by occ (4083points) February 8th, 2010

I texted a friend this morning and she never got the text – then she texted me back and I never received her message (my phone says no new messages, while her message was definitely sent to me, but apparently not received by me). We’ve called each other on our cellphones, which seem to be working fine for phone calls, and I’ve sent other texts today to people who have gotten them and replied. So why are my texts to one specific person not being delivered?? Is there a reason for this?

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Do you two have different cell phone service providers? I am guessing one of you has a low end company.

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Check to make sure you don’t have her number blocked.

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blocked yo ass

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because it’s an issue with their phone and not yours

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I was told by Verizon that I could restrict my incoming calls. They said, that I could block everyone not in my favorites. Could you be blocked ?

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We definitely did not block each other from receiving each other’s text messages.We both wanted to communicate with each other via text and couldn’t. Our messages simply didn’t show up on each other’s phones.

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I have this same problem with someone on the same network as me- AT&T. Nothing’s been blocked. She gets my texts sometimes, but I never get hers.

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one of you is probably on Sprint/Nextel, I’m guessing . . . if so, try send the txt as MMS.

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Actually, it is because at least one of you have offended the cell phone gods. You need to make amends immediately, before the transportation and computer gods find out. If they do, you’ll never see your luggage ever again and every computer you touch will immediately give you a virus.

You need to be very careful – they are all related by marriage, you know.

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