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What is, in explainable layman's terms, Peronism in Argentina?

Asked by srmorgan (6740points) February 8th, 2010

The President of Argentina, one Cristina Kirchner, is trying to take over the Central Bank and has recently appropriated the private pension funds held in trust. She is described as subscribing to the Peronista agenda.

Exactly what is Peronism? Socialism, Fascism, government run by oligarchy?
I know of the cult of popularity of Evita Peron, but she is long dead. Is this a legitimate political philosophy or movement?

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I expect that you know a hell of a lot more about Argentine politics than I do (or ever will), but isn’t Peronism a kind of “popular dictatorship”? Sort of like a photogenic and personable—if it’s possible—Hugo Chavez?

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@CyanoticWasp I read a story today about Pres Kirchner’s moves but they kept referencing Peronism and I thought I would ask the collective….........

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an Argentine political movement based on the ideas and programs associated with former President Juan Perón and his second wife, Eva Perón, referred to as Spiritual Leader of the Nation of Argentina. Perón’s party, the Partido Justicialista (still active in Argentina), derived its name from the Spanish words for “social justice” (justicia social’).[citation needed]

Peronism has been difficult to define according to traditional political classifications, and different periods as well as factions must be distinguished.

His ideology was marked by some constants, including:

* Strong centralized government, with authoritarian tendencies.
* Freedom from foreign influences.
* A third way approach to economics which purported to be neither socialist nor capitalist, but to incorporate elements of both in a corporativist manner.
* The combination of nationalism and social democracy

Of course, as with any Wiki source, caution should be exercised.

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Pseudo-populism or appeal to the masses by throwing them sops and pretending you are just like them. Hey Peronism is a lot like Palinism!

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