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How do I save my Ipod music to my hard drive?

Asked by xboxfan (110points) February 8th, 2010

How can I put all my songs from my ipod (Ipod shuffle) to my hard drive?

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Well you can’t, really, unless all of that music was on your computer in the first place. Apple doesn’t want everyone sharing music with everyone else I suppose, so you can put music on an iPod from a computer, but not on a computer from an iPod.

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@squidcake Is this better and will work? Can i put my music in a Jumb/Thumb Drive and put it in my xbox 360? Can that work?

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Unfortunately, like I said, there’s no way to get the music off the iPod and put it onto anything else. It’s just a security feature.

If you have the music you want already in your iTunes library on your computer then, yes, you can put it on a thumb drive.

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You can use a program called Senuti (iTunes spelt backwards) which does that for you.

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Yep. Plug in your iPod, go into whatever drive your iPod is plugged into, choose to show all hidden folders. Go into your hidden file and you should know where to go from there. Your music will be broken down into multiple folders and your music files will be named with random letters (I.e. XZYB). Google or search on YouTube for a more in depth explaination. You don’t need to download any software

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