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Ideas for a party?

Asked by laaaa (183points) February 8th, 2010

My middle school is having a party and we desperatly need suggestions. One idea that we have is to let the guys do makeover on the girls and vice versa. Ideas need to nothing innapropiate and something middle schoolers would acually want to do :]

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That sounds more like a youth group ice breaker. When’s the event? What about a Mardi Gras party, with beads and masks?

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A Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.

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@hawaii_jake, that sounds like fun! In addition to the cool costumes and decorations, the food would be fun. And there’s all the great puzzles in the book.

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Its called midnight madness were we do fun things until midnight :)

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Is it more like a lock-in, where you need a lot of different activities?

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Well we don’t nessasarily need a whole lot of things to do.

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Just to keep a bunch of Middle schoolers happy for a couple of hours :D

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You can write down famous people on paper, and then you tape a name to a persons back, everyone can see it but the person wearing it obviously. Anyway, lets say you have Brittany Spears, you are allowed to ask any yes no question like: Is it a girl? Is she a movie star? Is she under the age of 30? And you try to guess. Everyone has the papers on at the same time and it makes it easy to talk to many people. People walk about and say things like, “Have you narrowed down who you got?” Or, “will you help me guess who I am?”

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Midnight madness is usually a night when the malls stay open late, so what about coming up with something shopping themed? Have Walmart Greeters, do the Kmart Blue Light special, have a bunch of different shopping bags and duct tape, and have them fashion outfits out of bags from different stores.

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Is it more like a lock-in
Wasn’t that called Carrie?

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“Old-school recess” (if it’s in the gym) Play the most fun games that you all might have enjoyed as younger people, like 4-square or duck duck goose, or whatever, and have prizes. Or a carnival with fake psychic booth, throwing balls at bottles for a prize, and similar games.

::sniff!!:: You kids grow up so fast!

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Another thing we might do is tricycle racing

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LOL SeventhSense, no, it’s where you don’t let the middle schoolers leave, and make them do things they say are lame, but really they have fun doing it.

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Some theme ideas for parties

Carnival/ Mardi Gras
Wizards/ Magic
County Fair
Sci fi / Space
Winter Olympics

If you pick a theme I would be happy to give you some activity, decoration, and food advice.

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It’s Middle Schoolers – don’t try too hard. They’ll do any type of party, just make sure food and music are involved.

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Lights and Fans: No light or dim light is the best light. I really can’t explain it, but all-around light just takes the “dance” right out of people. No lights with the occasional black-light is ideal. Also fans and/or open windows keeps the place cool and the dance floor hot.

I would suggest one or more of the following to play at your party for dancing. You can get them on Limewire (if you have that):
Apoligize Remix-One Republic ft. Lil Wayne, Bun B
Bounce-Timbaland ft. Justin Timberlake
Gimme That (Remix)-Chris
Outta Control-50 Cent
Run It (Remix)-Chris Brown
Ride My Pony -Ginuine
2 Step Remix- DJ Unk (feat. T-Pain, Jim Jones & E-40)
Cyclone (Main)- Baby Bash
Dont stop (remix)-Alfonzo Hunter
Freaky -Young Rome ft. Guerilla Black
Low-Flo Rida
Shake-Ying Yang Twins ft. Pitbull
Back Of The Club-T.I.
That Box-Tech N9NE
Imma Tell-Tech N9ne
Midwest Choppers-Tech N9ne
Clothes Off-Gym Class Heroes
1.Made-Over Pigs-In-A-Blanket
Pigs-In-A-Blanket is standard party-fare, especially for kids! The only problem with Pigs-In-A-Blanket is that it doesn’t tend to be very healthy at all, but that doesn’t have to be the case. To boost the health content of your party time Pigs-In-A-Blanket use either all-beef nitrate free hot dogs, nitrate free turkey hot dogs, or veggie hot dogs. Cut the hot dogs into 4 pieces to make the party treats “tiny” and wrap in Pillsbury Cresent Rolls, then bake according to the package directions. Pillsbury Cresent Rolls aren’t the healthiest bread product you can wrap your Pigs-In-a-Blanket in, but they are the quickest! For an even healthier party-time Pigs-In-A-Blanket, make your own whole wheat bread sticks from scratch and wrap the dogs in them.
2.Fruit Skewers and Yogurt Dip
Tiny fruit skewers with yogurt dip are a fun party food that kids (and adults) can enjoy. To assemble the tiny fruit skewers purchase plastic colorful toothpicks and thread fruit on them. Fruit can include any color seedless grapes, honeydew balls, cantaloupe balls, watermelon balls, small cubes of pineapple, and slices of Clementine oranges. The yogurt dip is simply Low-Fat Vanilla yogurt, but check the sugar contents on each brand of yogurt before you decide which one to buy for your dip, some yogurts can have very high amounts of sugar!
6.Mini-Fruit Smoothies
Many kids will scoff at regular sized fruit smoothies, even at a party! But make fruit smoothies into perfectly mini portions by using Dixie Cups, and kids will scarf them down. The Mini-Fruit Smoothies are incredibly easy to make: just combine fruit in a blender with enough 100% fruit juice to thin it out. Then pour into Dixie Cups and top with cocktail umbrellas for a kid-friendly healthy party treat. Some great combinations are strawberry-banana with apple juice, pineapple-mango with orange juice, and blueberry-raspberry with grape juice.
I’m in middle school too and I got this stuff offline.If you comment me and thank me I ill give you some games to play!

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