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Have you ever been disowned by anyone?

Asked by cheesecakeattack (87points) February 8th, 2010

Have you ever been disowned by anyone and how did it feel when you became disowned?

My dad just told me not to call him father anymore. I’m happy, seeing as he wasn’t much of a father anyway. Though, I’m dreading tomorrow and the following days when he isn’t in a drug/alcohol induced stupor.

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I remember disowning my father when I was 13 – and I meant it. One person (an ex) has disowned me and it is frustrating.

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Not to my face.

I’m sorry about your relationship with your dad. If it helps any, I’ve added you to my fluther. Welcome to the collective.

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he keeps coming into my room and ranting about different things… it’s annoying. I have homework to do.

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if you have homework to do then git offa the internet :)

I might be disowned by my mostly-loving parents in the near future, which I’m dreading. Fortunately I have good friends to help me out, which I hope is the case for you. Also,if your dad is drunk when he is saying these things, maybe he’ll be more rational tomorrow?

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bhwhahha, more rational like kick my ass, while preaching on the different subjects that i hit on him today, then yes, more rational.

will i fight back? not physically, but intellectually.

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oh and, i should get off the internet, but my text book is on my computer.

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My dad pretty effectively disowned me when he was up in years and remaried after my mom died. Hos new wife was a gold digger with a chain of men she had married and burried. She did what it took to make sure whatever he owned would be hers when he died. It worked.

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my birth parents. and many foster homes.

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I’ve disowned my sister a couple times.

I keep forgetting that I’ve done so, though… Especially whenever she pops out a kid.

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@cheesecakeattack – your dad sounds like a wonderful human being. Lord.

Just curious, what made him so mad in the first place?

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i told him that he wasnt like a father and he should grow up, because he beat up my brother – making him cry and bleed

along with a plethora of other things that have been bugging me that he’s been doing of late (DRUGS/ALCOHOL/LIES/SAYING BAD THINGS ABOUT FAMILY, YOU KNOW THE USUAL)

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@cheesecakeattack Where is your brother now? How old is he? Did he go with you? I really hope he didn’t stay with your dad. Sorry for so many questions, but this just concerns me. You made a good decision to leave. You both need to be away from him for your safety.

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Disowning implies cutting off from economic assets and I’ve never known anybody with enough assets to be cut off from. If you mean abruptly cutting off a relationship, I’ve always found simply not nurturing a relationship is sufficient, a lot less dramatic and a lot more civilized than “Begone and never darken my door again”

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My mother threatened it when my brother beat the shit out of me in front of people (no one outside of my mom and dad had ever seen him do it before) and they took me from my house, when I came back to get my things my brother and her were physically holding me down so I couldn’t leave and my mom said if I did that she would disown me and she was done with me as a daughter. Because my brother hurting me became known by the family, my grandfather called my mother and told her if it happened again my brother would be disowned from the family.

She did it again, recently when I moved out the house, she said I hadn’t seen the worst of her and I had no idea who I was fucking with and that I was dead to her. She’s weak, she’s still my mother as far as I know.

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Nope, no one owns me.

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@cheesecakeattack I am very concerned about what you tell about your father and brother. How old are you? Where are you now? Is there a trusted adult you and your brother could go to? No one should have to tolerate the treatment you describe.

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I think I’ve just been disowned my dad.

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@cheesecakeattack would like to ditto @Janka‘s comments. Also this might help.

Call the Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline

The Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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I think my mom woulda disowned me, that is, had she ever consented to own me to begin with. >_>

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