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What are the benefits of keeping a journal/diary?

Asked by cheesecakeattack (87points) February 8th, 2010

Recording your thoughts and events that have occurred throughout the day in a book seems quite appealing to me. Any time afterwards, I would be able to look back and reflect and think, oh, so thats how I felt when I ate that super burger after a jog, or whatnot, or more personal matters.

However, if I were to write about personal matters, and someone were to read it, most likely terrible things would happen.

Do you keep a journal/diary? What benefits does it bring for you? What terrible things does it bring, or might bring?

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back in the HS days, but since I got busier, I have found it difficult to find the time to do so. . . I now try to email messages/things to myself from my BlackBerry as I deem fit.. . . Maybe later on, I can just filter thru the messages the things I would like/need to look for.

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1. I keep a short-hand diary for each of my kid’s developments and food habits and sleep habits and changes.
2. I keep a food diary for myself in order to maintain 1700–1900 calories/per day and to monitor that I consume enough protein.
3. I keep a hypothetical (yet to be put down anywhere) diary of my work experience (I work with new and interesting people every day…their stories must be shared).

I used to have about 7 hand written diaries – I read them now and laugh at myself. Then I kept a livejournal (and it ate my soul) for about 5 years – some of those LJ entries are classic, I am proud of them. I no longer write in a personal diary..being on fluther is kind of like that, anyway.

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keeps your mind from overflowing on stress and kept in emotions… It’s not healthy to consistanly keep stuff cramped inside…. and you can make it into a book possibly later in life

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For a week I logged every single thing I did during a day and the time in which it was done. It was quite amazing at the end of the week seeing how much time i wasted and how much more efficient i could be.

that said, im still a lazy time wasting mother fucker.

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I am going to do just that and hopefully get clarification of my thoughts :)

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I have 2 long running blogs at forums that are very personal recordings of my thoughts and quite nice to be able to read at times….

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I have kept a journal for pretty much my entire life.

It gives me a lot of perspective when I read back over it. I see the patterns that I get into and it shows me what things I really value and dwell on.

The action of writing down my thoughts is helpful too. It helps me sort them out, organize myself, and get centered.

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A diary can be disaterous if it gets in the hands of the wrong people. my journal is in my brain. when my brain faulters, no one gets hurts but me.

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It’s a writing mine! I have writing journals from my highschool days. I do believe I wrote down enough “inspiration” to last two lifetimes! Thanks to those journals, writer’s block isn’t an issue for me. :)

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You should ask @ninjacolin about the potential and possibilities of anything at all! I read somewhere that you should never put in writing that which you don’t want to have read. that said however, what kind of people do you associate with that a journal wouldn’t be relatively safe? I don’t pick up things and read them that don’t belong to me, and I have three kids. I value their privacy the same way i do my own.

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I have journaled at various times in my life, and I have the journals to this day. They are about personal feelings, not necessarily about interpersonal relationships, so nothing in them would affect any relationship today.

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I’m with @Trillian – Never put in writing that which you don’t want read – and never tell a secret that you don’t want spread.


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I have a whole series of journals starting when I was 8 or so. I find it really useful to have a place to vent and to give voice to thoughts I don’t feel I can share with people. It’s also nice to go back and read them because I sometimes forget events or how certain things made me feel and it’s good to be reminded. Anyway, I’m generally just honest in my journals; not mean or anything unless I’m super pissed, so I figure if you read something you don’t like, it’s your damn fault for snooping.

I’ve become more cautious since my psycho ex did read one of them (and wrote a commentary after a particular entry), so sometimes I self-edit more than I’d like. I like to think I’ve dated mostly trustworthy people after that and only in my last relationship did I worry that she’d seek out and read my journals. I ended up not writing much about her until after the breakup.

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I don’t have fear of journal detectives. The people who love me have always been delighted if I keep journals. Otherwise, I have to get my thoughts straight by talking to THEM.

Looking back on old notes makes me a) proud that I was that smart that long ago and b) relieved that I’m not that dumb any more.

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