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Online jobs for establishing credit?

Asked by Haroot (2113points) February 9th, 2010

So I need a job. Really need one. I’m almost 20 and have yet to be employed.

The big problem here is school. I attend a university daily for rather ludicrous hours.

Although I physically need to be in class 24/7, I barely do anything in these classes. Giving me a lot of free time with my computer.

So as the title says, I’m just wondering if there are any online employers that can help me establish some credit and get some work experience under my belt. I honestly don’t care what the pay is. I’m not looking at this job for mainly money.

And yes, I’m doing local and google searches as well. Figured I might as use all my resources.

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Any movie theaters around? We had tons of people that worked 5 hours (one shift) per week. The hours were super flexible and they got free movies.

Why we allowed this is that we were busy when people were not in school. So we had a trained staff that could work during school breaks when we needed them. But it was mostly a group of 15 that worked 40 hours to pay for rent and food.

And most online work things are a scam. Just go out and get a real job with flexible hours.

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“I’m almost 20 and have yet to be employed.”

Is this the new common norm?

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You “physically need to be in class 24/7”? Get real. No one’s going to hire someone with this little regard for reality.

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So much negativity here. Anyway, Try you can be an online tutor in your spare time. They are currently looking for people who are proficient Math- Calculus, Math – Statistics, and Science – Physics. They do have other subjects but only have openings in the above categories.Good Luck.

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You can always start to do online freelance job through freelancing portal

Or surely opening an online based business. eBay is a good starting point, or maybe opening Amazon account

See : Selling on Amazon

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