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Is it a sign of a good start or just a bad idea ?

Asked by Pretty_Lilly (4655points) February 9th, 2010

Recently,I helped my 45 year old single aunt to sign up for free dating website. (PlentyofFish)
I help her create her profile by copying and pasting personal info./likes/dislikes,she had previously typed in a wordpad document,then she took a brief attitude test and the sign up was complete.
The whole process took less than 5 minutes.
Once she click back to her homepage there were over ten messages waiting for her from men.
Do you think it was a bad idea and she should quit the website as it is a bad sign, there were so many men waiting just to pounce on her within minutes up of signing up.
{ Not to be disrespectful but my aunts is cute but no supermodel to have so many men respond so soon }

*It kinda reminds me of the time at the zoo in which I saw a jackrabbit run into the lion’s cage !

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I’d check to make sure they weren’t automated “matches” rather than people who’d found her profile and messaged her. If they weren’t automated, then that’s a bit insane! I personally might rule those guys out, but I’m not sure it’s a reason to quit the site.

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It doesn’t sound like a very discriminating website. According to the commercials, or eHarmony might be good ideas for her. I think you have to pay something, but there is a screening process and the site selects the people who you get to talk with.

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It is not a bad idea. You just need to debrief your aunt on the risks and realities of online dating. Especially in how it may differ from actual dating. Choose a public place with lots of people etc. But also, don’t really attach to anything/anyone until you know them better (and even then, best to keep it at partial attachment).

That said, she gets more exposure than she normally would, so no problem there.

For a free dating site, at least in canads is quite good. And free.

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It does sound quite dodgy, I would do a quick search about the site, check out other peoples opinions about it, find out if anyone else has had problems

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I don’t know what makes a good dating website but if she is an adult she should be able to handle it right?

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Computers are fast and wouldn’t take long at all to sort and give her matches. I hope she finds her man!

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Did you put the picture for your avatar as hers on PlentyofFish? If so, I would understand.

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First of all, being 45 is not a precursor to being socially clueless. Yes she can handle it.

Just remind your aunt that neither time nor the internet hasn’t changed the way people are. The site is called Plenty of Fish for a reason, and that like with fishing, you often have to toss back more than you keep. She needs to know that meeting people online changes things a bit. She should spend time on the internet talking to people and getting to know them before she agrees to meet them, and the first encounter should be something like meeting for coffee. And she should expect to pay for herself.

john65pennington's avatar is a much better site. they have serious restrictions and its not a “hot mamma” site just for horny men. i would delete the other and make the switch for her.

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