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Does anyone have a personal experience with D.M.T?

Asked by buster (10239points) March 3rd, 2008

effects of, visions from, god like cotact

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What’s D.M.T.?

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I pesonally have never tried it, but I have a buddy that plugged some once. He said he could see out of his ass. He was wacked out for like three days. His mom found him at Taco Bell, running around naked screaming “the Devil is in my ass!”

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The moral of the story is you don’t need that crap. Just get you some Sam Adams Cream Stouts, and you’ll be good to go. P.S.-My buddies name is Jerbis Bodank

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I was given DMT at a rave once but I was already on extacy, it was amazing, I was tripping to trumpton and flying to the moon

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DMT or Dimethyltryptamine is the chemical that is released in your brain when you dream or when you have near death experiences. You know the light flashes before your eyes and your whole life flying by, yea thats DMT. There are a couple of different ways to consume DMT depending on what form it is in. It is found in all kinds of natural occurring plants but needs to be extracted. The extraction process isn’t hard but it isn’t exactly easy either very costly and time consuming. This is why DMT is rarley found in most drug circles and most people never heard of it. DMT is usualy sold in crystal form and must be vaporized and then inhaled. The trip usualy lasts about five minutes but its very very intense experience. DMT can also be taken in a drink form known as ayahuasca which is often taken by native tribes in the amazon. When taking DMT in the form of a drink the user must frist take a MAOI or the DMT will not be strong enough and you will not get the desired effects. Though ayahuasca is less intense than vaporizing DMT it lasts much longer. Ayahuasca is used by the people of the amazon as a medicine to heal them spiritually. All that being said, no i have never had DMT but would love to try it.

allen o i could be wrong but i highly doubt you had dmt at a rave as it is extremly hard to come by and really isnt a party drug at all. Actualy a rave is probably one of the worst places to take DMT.

busterhymen if you are interested in DMT so much I’d suggest you try salvia as it is still legal and causes simular effects just less intense. Also i would check out some videos from Terrence Mckenna as he has a really great way of describing DMT

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that makes sense, the guy gave me a pill and said It was DMT, I suppose it could of been anything, salvia’s good fun though, have you tried hawian baby woodrose seeds? they are legal but powerful, not recommended if you have a week stomoch though

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a proffesor did research on DMT and one of his test subjects trips was that he got butt raped by 2 crocodiles; the man is currently in a mental institution

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Yes i have indeed tried Hawaiian baby woodrose and morning glory seeds. They contain LSA which is close to LSD but not nearly as potent and cause slight nausea. The best thing to do with them is to extract the LSA which is actually quite easy using cold water extraction methods just Google it and make sure that your seeds are pesticide free.

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oh, erm, I just ate them all, 14 seeds, did you try these herbs in some kind of shamanic experiment?

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hmm well good luck and all, let me know how it goes. I didn’t particularly like the experience all that much and would much rather do acid but its still interesting. And no it wasn’t so much a shamanic experiment as it was just curiosity. Actually as strange as it sounds LSA was the first illicit drug I used, even before marijuana.

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mine was salvia, then pot, I liked acid but preferred mushrooms

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