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How come everyone loves U2? I can't seem to find anything enjoyable about their music, what’s your opinion?

Asked by RJulia08 (43points) February 9th, 2010

This all started because a middle age co-worker of mine believes they are the greatest band ever. I just can’t see as to why so many people are drawn to them. Are they great live, is it Bono’s humanitarian acts, or is it the guitar work from Edge. Please help me out, because I can’t see it.

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Yeah I think they’re pretty mediocre pop.

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I don’t get it either….No one I’m even connected to likes them much either, I hear they’re so popular, but I never hear them on the radio or from other people. Maybe he’s popular everywhere but the U.S. lol.

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I don’t get it either.All their songs sound like a march to me.I did like their song “Gloria”.I remember being strangely attracted to the little man with the really tight jeans,lol!
Now I just love him for the lifts in his shoes and self-important bs :)

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Maybe it’s like mint chocolate chip ice cream… There’s nothing good about it, but since everyone loves it, it stays popular.

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It’s not just about the music. It’s nostalgia and the good work they do…and the celebrity if Bono. Pre 1998 U2 is LURVE.

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Bono is a self-righteous wanker.
And yeah, older U2 is much better, though nothing revolutionary. It’s just pop.

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They are great live, best live act I have ever seen. I can get really into listening when their music is on. I think their albums get better with each one they release. I have also read a ton about the group, so I know some things about the stories behind the songs.

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@jfos I love Mint Chocolate Chip….sometimes haha

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In the early 90’s they had some pretty good songs, and now they’re absolutely awful.

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U2 was fabulous, until about 1990. They were a beacon of hope among all the gummy pop from the 80’s. I’m not sure that you can understand the impact of U2 on music unless you lived through the 80’s. Even if you don’t like the music, one must appreciate their contribution music and pop culture.

I LOVE mint chip ice cream. It’s my fave.

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I was a teenager in the 80s when they became popular. Their early music is great and The Joshua Tree tour was one of the best concerts I ever attended. I really don’t care for their current music.

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Old stuff, not bad. New stuff, uhh… mediocre at best. At least to my ears.

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They are from Dublin, Ireland.

What do you expect?

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@The_Idler Couldn’t agree more about Bono being a self righteous wanker! I have thought that for a while now!

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I could never get into them. I remember a bunch of friends and I went to see Rattle and Hum at the theatre, and I couldn’t wait for it to be over. I find their music bland (bland pop), always have. To me, they’re like The Killers (Popular, but, I say “meh”)..

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@ChazMaz Why? Why ya gotta lash out?~ I have a love/hate relationship with Bono simply because he never lets me come. “One” is the best example of this. He builds me up, and backs off, brings me up again, backs off.
I admit that in recent years I haven’t cared for the smug look of him or the sound of the music. Now that I think about it, I guess “one” broke me.

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Yeah I suppose it is something to do with how cheesy, childish and contrived the rest of 80s pop was.

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@Trillian I much prefer Mary J Blige (featuring U2)‘s version of One!

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@lucillelucillelucille I thought that the drummer was hot.

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In that case you’ll be pleased to know I despise them with a passion…. honestly, I wouldn’t piss on Bono if he were on fire!

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@Leanne1986 I haven’t heard it but covers make my sphincter twitch. Some stupid breathy sounding girl does a cover on a commercial for some car of under the Milkyway Tonight, originally by The Church, and it makes me want to choke her.

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I know, really dangling participle….(and improper use of ellipses. Can we please just change that rule?)

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@Trillian Usually I would agree with you about covers but this one is worth a listen. Blige sings it with so much more passion than Bono ever did and does it far more justice!

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@Leanne1986 Do I get to come? Otherwise, what’s the point? I’m still hanging on from the last time I heard it…~ ;-)

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@Trillian She made me come!!!

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Aaaaaaaalllllriiiighhtteeeeeeeee then.

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They are different because their music is global. It has a message beyond naval- gazing. You wont hear mushy love songs from them. They sing about things like science curing the incurable, world hunger ending and equal rights for all of humanity. They are not afraid to call out to world leaders and they work toward making life better for others.

Yeah- you have to be into the philosophy and their style of music to get it but for those who do it is really the only band out there in the world seeing a better way and life. Shining light into political and human darkness.

It is not for everyone.
Not everyone has to get it.
Not everyone has to appreciate it.

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I love old u2 but everyone is right bono is a self rightous WANKER

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I have been a very casual fan of theirs since they got famous. I went to a show on their Lemon tour, or whatever it was, the one where Bono would call the White House and order a pizza.

I think I can list all the songs I like of theirs on one hand, and most of those are from the albums that a lot of U2 fans hate from the early 1990s. I do like that guitar style of the Edge’s; it was cool when it was new. During their biggest heyday in the mid to late 1980s, I was more of an XTC, R.E.M. and Police fan.

Wow, I’m just so not in that space anymore. They’re from my adolescence, as are R.E.M. and The Police. Outside of The Beatles, almost all the bands I listen to are from today.

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Same. I can tolerate them if I have to but I’ve never found myself actually enjoying their music, or lyrics, nothing striking. I enjoyed Bono more as “John Lennon” than himself.

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@Dog “the only band out there in the world seeing a better way and life.”…?

Do you also think they are the only Irish band in the World?

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I agree. They’re like the iceberg lettuce of popular music. Mostly just a filler and no flavor or nutritional value.

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@The_Idler No need to be snarky.

Please feel free to point out other bands whose music is as such and I would be glad to listen to them too. I am always looking to expand my library. My comment above concerned the question as to what was appealing about U2. I even stated it might not be for everyone.

I respect your opinion please respect mine.

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My husband likes them. I can handle one or two songs, but play an entire CD and I’m about ready to rip it out of the player and toss it out the car window. They make my head hurt.

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I’d have to go with “Without You”, sorry, U2.

Not that great anymore, but Joshua Tree was a brilliant album.

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I really liked U2 when they made good music such as the songs found on The Unforgettable Fire, Rattle and Hum, and The Joshua Tree. As far as everything after that, I’m in agreement with why does everyone love them (still)? Where’s the subsequent appeal to their music?

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I actually do love their music. I wasn’t so keen on what they did in the early 90s but their earlier stuff, and the later stuff, I love it. I still think Bono is a pompous ass though.

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I don’t like U2 at all. Taste is a personal matter.

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How come everyone loves <insert a popular band’s name>?

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“My comment above concerned the question as to what was appealing about U2. I even stated it might not be for everyone.”
I know what you said. I know what your comment concerned. What is your point? I didn’t say I don’t think their message is a good reason to like them. I think they have a great message. I said your reason was as ridiculous as liking a band for being the only Irish band in the world. This is stupid because, um…they’re not.

“I respect your opinion please respect mine.”
My opinion is that it is utterly absurd to like U2, based on the idea that ”“it is really the only band out there in the world seeing a better way and life.”
I have this opinion, because that idea is as untrue as the idea that they are the only Irish band in the world.

Perhaps I should rephrase my question. Do you think U2 are really the only band out there in the world seeing a better way and life? Oh yeah, you already said you do. And its fucking ridiculous.

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I love it when people argue about what others should listen to. Seriously, grow up. People can listen to what they want, even if it sucks.

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