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Is "whisper" that needed?

Asked by CMaz (26238points) February 9th, 2010

Of all the things we can do when posting an answer on here to inject feeling (inflection).

I find “whisper” the most frustrating one. The words are too tiny causing the inflective intent to get lost.
Comes off as more of an unnecessary visual aid.

What do you all think?

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Oh I think it’s a great function and I’m glad we have it – otherwise all my nonsense would have to be kept to PM – this way you can enjoy it too, :)

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I find it useful for those really off-topic side comments I am so fond of making.

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Oh God, I guess I will just have to get glasses. :-)

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Suck it up @ChazMaz. i had to too.

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I rarely use it .

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@ChazMaz You could set your resolution differently~!

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Yea, but that throws everything else off.

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I love the whisper function! (Left big for you ChazMaz.)

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@ChazMaz – Try holding down the CTRL key and scrolling the wheel on your mouse forward until the font’s big enough. That’s what I’ve done.

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That involves using two hands. ;-)

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@ChazMaz You saying you’re not that coordinated?

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No, just that lazy. When at my desk. ;-)

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I like it! Sometimes it’s better than using parentheses. Which I do far too much of.

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I think I’m agreeing with you on that one. Thanks for saving me the usual mad typing :P

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The whisper function, although hard to see sometimes, can leave a strong impression that can have a lasting emphasis on what might otherwise be struck out due to it’s lack of appeal.

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Regarding the “Ctrl” and “scroll button” on the mouse, you can get the same effect with “Ctrl” and ”+” or “Ctrl” and ”-” key. It’s a one-handed thing then (if you do it with your right hand), or two handed-but with fingers on the keyboard.

But I like the whisper thing. It’s a great way to add an unimportant but occasionally colorful aside.

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I like whisper, but I agree, it’s not really necessary.

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As I frequently make “off topic” remarks, I see the usefulness of the function. Someone only interested in answers to the posted question can skip over my silly side remarks that way.

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Sometimes it makes posts read like poetry when it’s used well.

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Get bifocals. And what are you doing that you can’t use both hands? hehe

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I am a huge fan of the whisper.

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Whispers are awesome. Just sayin’.

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All good stuff keep it coming… And, thank you. :-)

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I often find myself wishing I could whisper on other sites! Maybe it’s because I’m fond of silly side comments? :)

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I was working in Word today and kept trying to use Fluther formatting! See, that was off-topic and much better whispered.

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Hey, everybody, @janbb was WORKING today!

The shout is pretty useful, too. (But I still don’t think anyone is going to believe us, @janbb.)

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@CyanoticWasp Mwah for noticing! I was at home and in my pjs but still I was working.

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@Snarp I agree, which begs the question…

…is there anything on this site (or the site itself) that is really necessary?

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