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Tumblr: How to change the font size in my title and add an image?

Asked by toknee (12points) February 9th, 2010

Hey Im using that theme (wood revisited) but the title of my blog is too long and is overlapping with the first post (, also how would i go about adding an image to the title

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hey man you can always go into the stylesheet file for the theme and adjust the size at the root there.

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1. go to your tumblog
2. click the Customize link at the tip-top of the page
3. click the Theme header tab
4. click the Enable custom HTML link at the bottom
5. Your title uses h1 tags (largest header type):

<h1>Don’t Believe the Hype</h1>

6. Find the h1 CSS definition (around line #101):

h1 {
font-family:Georgia, Palatino, ‘Palatino Linotype’, Times, ‘Times New Roman’, serif;
text-shadow:1px 1px 10px #1e0d00;

7. Change the “font-size” value to 90px, or 80px, or whatever looks good to you.

Your theme already has a placeholder for your tumblr profile image… which you currently have as the default/generic/anonymous. Would uploading a custom profile image suffice for your need?

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is there a way if i just change the title to just a banner image? changing to h2 or h3 isnt working

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Refresh the page… I changed my answer.

And make certain that you save your changes to the theme. I personally don’t trust the Preview functionality provided.

Using <h2> or <h3> tags instead should have yielded a noticeable change. But one I think is likely undesirable since those tags have use for the various posts and other content in your tumblog. That’s why I changed my answer and suggest you redefine the font-size for <h1> instead… staying true to the spirit of the CSS.

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To replace your text with an image, you could try simply replacing:

<h1>Don’t Believe the Hype</h1>


<img src=“”>

Of course, you’d replace that src url with something real.

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thanks alot that helped me out

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Oh, and final word of caution…


See, like Microsoft Word, Fluther tries to get all clever with text displayed here. Notice that the double-quote marks in my html above are slanted. That’s because they’re smart (or curly) quotes.

However, html doesn’t recognize smart quotes as part of its markup syntax. It only knows straight quotes, like the kind generated when you hit the ” key (next to Enter) on your keyboard.

Point is, I have no way of forcing Fluther to show you straight quotes. If you attempt to copy and paste any code above without correcting the curly quotes, then your html markup will not render as intended.

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also maxblogpress has a good banner solution if you’re just trying to do a banner

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