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I need a new TV!

Asked by gambitking (4201points) February 9th, 2010

Okay, I’m shopping for an HDTV…. (yay tax refund).
So here are my conditions:

PREFER to get it directly at a brick-and-mortar store but will buy online for a GREAT deal and Free shipping

Need a minimum 32” LCD TV with 1080p. Brand doesn’t matter, but a warranty would help.

My budget cap is $500, because I KNOW it’s possible. I just am frustrated with this search. HELP ME FIND ONE!!!

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@Val123 nailed it…you could try Amazon and use the compare feature. The budget cap will keep you in the basic low end models but the 1080’s are good screens. I would though go to a Best Buy and compare picture quality and contrast as they do vary between brands and simply ask that they meet an online price…I bet they do! Plus the brick and mortar will provide a better return option for you.

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Have you tried ABC Warehouse? We got one for my dad around Christmas, if you act like you’re interested and then say you’re going to price compare with Wal-Mart they’ll cut a great deal (most likely) He got a 32’ Samsung and has a beautiful picture, we coaxed them down to $350.

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Yeah the best i’ve found is JUST outside my budget – has a 42” 1080p sharp LCD for 549.

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@Cruiser Olympic finish! :)

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On newegg I found this 32inch Sony for $544 with free shipping. I would try to stick to Sony, LG, or Samsung for an HDTV.

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@gambitking Did you get my reply to your PM? You can browse other TV’s just by adjusting the search field.

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Costco or, look at the VISIO TVs.

I have two HD TVs, a Samsung (1.5 years old) and a VISIO (1 year old). The VISIO is really just great and has held up really well, while our Samsung, which we expected to be the better of the two, has already started to get dark spots and is going to require us to replace it after only two years!

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@drClaw Great Answer

Thanks for that link, found a 32” Vizio 1080p which fits my conditions perfectly!

I KNEW it was out there

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