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Baby-friendly Vegas hotels?

Asked by Supergirl (1676points) February 9th, 2010

We are going to Vegas with our good friends, who have an 18month old. We are looking for a hotel that you have taken your kiddo to that you felt was “baby-friendly.” Needs: pools, spa, 4+ stars, on the strip.

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Baby-friendly in Vegas is kinda an oxymoron, but the Circus-Circus is family friendly.

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I do not care what Vegas has done. Vegas is not for kids.

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Circus Circus is gross.

We stayed at the Luxor with our 13 month old. Really, it’s what you make of it. I’d say go with Luxor or Excaliber.

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Lots of kids were at the MGM a few months ago. The negative is the smoke in the casino area, in all of the hotels with a casino I would guess. They have the MGM lions there that are really cute, restaurants were very good at the hotel, they have a food court, and the “subway” is right there in the hotel. I wonder if there are any hotels sans casino that might be better, maybe non-smoking, less chaotic?

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I stayed at the New York New York in 2007; everything reeked of cigarette smoke and the water coming out of the faucet and showerhead reeked of chlorine. I would never bring my kids there. Ever.

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I was thinking that most likely the Mandarin Oriental is non-smoking, if that matters to you, part of the new City Center area where ARIA is. Not really a family hotel, but your child is so young that you don’t need a child friendly hotel really. ARIA connects to the Ballagio practically.

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Except, they may not let the baby in the pool. Just thought of that.

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I stayed at the MGM very recently (about two weeks ago). There were three of us under 21 (though over 13) and two adults. I don’t know about the others, but here’s what I liked about it:

* They have live lions during the day, though all they do is sleep (it’s their natural behaviour, but may be not so interesting for the baby)
* M&Ms World is just outside. Not a place to leave the baby, (it’s a four-storey M&Ms-themed merchandise store) but freaking awesome anyway, not sure if you have been to one before. (The Coco-cola shop is next to M&Ms World, but is not as good.)
* The monorail is accessible from inside the hotel, so you don’t have to spend as much time on the street if you want to explore the strip.
* Very clean, big rooms, not sure about arrangements for baby cots work. We chose not to drink the tap water there, but then again we didn’t drink the tap water in any hotel in the USA.

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I find that the Luxor and Excaliber are most child oriented, but the last few years, Las Vegas was trying to re-invent itself as an adult theme park. With the economy in a depression, you will probably find anyone is welcome.

Contact some of the hotels and ask them. Things change every season.

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I took my babies to Vegas and all of the hotels are pretty family friendly these days – not that I had a lot of fun, but I’m not the Vegas type and we only stopped there because we were coming out of the desert and needed a place to stay that wasn’t boring – and it wasn’t! Have fun!

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