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Creativity in abundance,assuming you don't possess this,what would you rather have been, an artist or a writer?

Asked by ucme (46552points) February 9th, 2010

Most of us are not lucky enough to be born with genius creativity,shame.Which out of art & writing do you admire the most? Do you wish you had that ability to inspire?

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I disagree on the premise that we’re not creative or artistic. It’s a skill, and it takes time to explore. Some people go through with it, other’s not. Why? Self-definition could have something to do with it. If you think you’re not an artist, you don’t try to become one, thus don’t get the experience. Or if someone tells you, “you’re not a painter, son”.

So my response is, if you want to – and maybe you do, start doing it – whatever it is you find expresses you. Who cares what others think, what do you think and feel about your art? Everyone stands to benefit greatly from creativity.

I admire art that makes me think deeply about my position in the world and the relationships between things. But that’s me :)

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We are born with great imaginations and creativity. It is whether this creativity is nurtured from childhood and sustained as an adult.

Life and it’s problems usually help destroy this creativity.

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Artist. I am more of a visual guy.

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I’d prefer art because I have never practiced it. My brother is an artist, my soon-to-be (2/12) 10yr-old son is an artist, my Mother-in-law is an artist. All practiced art for hours and hours a day. My mother’s mother was an artist. My wife’s sister is in graphic design or some such.

So…... I guess there was no need for me to do it, although I did like working with clay and other three-dimensional structures as a child. Still do. Besides which—I’ve had a lot more experience with writing.

Now why did we have to choose between art and writing? What about music or dance or theater?

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I can’t even imagine having that talent to be a visual artist. I have just enough skill as a writer to wish that I had enough that people would actually pay to read it. I’d have to choose writing.

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@wundayatta Thanks for actually answering the question. First two examples that sprang to mind, pure & simple.

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I am a writer.

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@Trillian Respect to that.

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I work as an artist.i wouldn’t have it any other way…unless I was Prince.

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@lucillelucillelucille To you I also doff my cap.

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Does music count in art?

If not I choose writing.

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@Steve_A Abso friggin lutely dude!

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Ah, ok my bad. I write, and am artistically inclined. I can craft like you wouldn’t believe, but could I draw a recognizable portrait? No. A nice pastoral scene or bowl of fruit? No. I don’t know if I’d care to improve on my lack either. My youngest daughter is an amazingly gifted artist and she can spin a yarn as well. I think I prefer to stick with what I know I’m good at. Sorry that I misunderstood your question.

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@ucme Ok music it is then. :D

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I am a artist, but that doesnt mean i couldn’t learn how to write either. i think really its a matter of how hard are you willing to work, but if i could only have one i woud go with artist.

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@Steve_A Party on!!

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Of course, in the real world, you don’t have to choose. You can take up any or all the arts you want. This is weird, because I’ve been a musician and a writer for most of my life, but I would prefer to be a dancer, if I could do it all the time. Dance takes me out of my mind, whereas writing and, to a lesser extent, music, both keep me in my head. If I were a dancer, I don’t think I would have gotten bipolar disorder.

Just sayin’...

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@Steve_A We’re not worthy!!

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@wundayatta well spoken.
This is one of the reasons I’m connecting more with eastern traditions and my ancient ancestors who always said – something in terms of “Good mind implies a good body”.
We have to ‘nourish’ both in more than one ways.

I’ve taken martial arts for a few years. Which is a huge challenge if you’re stuck in your head – forces you out. Or you get smacked :P
Taking dance is another thing I’d like to do at some point.

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I am both an artist and a writer already, but as for being a professional, I think I’m a better writer than I am an artist. So that is what I would choose.

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I’d like to consider myself a writer, but the epic mountain of rejection letters says otherwise. I do well with ghostwriting, but I’ve yet to get published myself.

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Art attracts my attention more than writing. It’s like writing without having to find the right words. Take my avatar for example.

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A writer…I have a very twisted mind and have written some goofy stuff in my years. I just don’t really have the patience for either and love playing my music so much more.

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My hope is that the question is flawed. I think we all have “abundant creativity.” It comes down to whether or not you choose to nurture and tap that creativity. It is extraordinarily hard work to do so successfully.

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Inspiration doesn’t require that you be creative… with an ability to be an artist or a writer. There are many things that can inspire others that do not involve creativity. However; to answer your question directly, I would say a writer. There is nothing more stimulating to me than trying to read the thoughts of others… whether in person, or in writing. :P

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I don’t agree with your basic premise, but I am a Registered Native American Artist, so I’d go for artist. It takes a lot more than genius creativity (which I have), you also need a whole big buncha motivation.

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i choose writing cause in writing you use more imagination and can put yourself into a story. I like writing stories.

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I would chose art because you can create something no-one has ever seen before.

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