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Could you musicians link us to yourselves making music?

Asked by susanc (16112points) February 9th, 2010

I know some of you do it. So what do you sound like? Youth wants to know.

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I generally keep my real ID and my fluther ID separate, but I guess there’s no harm now…

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You might want to mention which one you are when it isn’t obvious. Or maybe not.

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if it isn’t obvious, I’m the fat one with the curly hair on the right, which looks a lot like my fluther picture. The skinny old blonde guy on the left….that’s not me

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^^Saw the video, you don’t look fat to me.

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I meant to everyone in general here. If they so chosse, of course. Thanks Jack. Agreed, you don’t look fat at all and the video is great – more people should watch it.

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I’m a little late to the party – but I just uploaded this. It’s my first attempt at track recording.

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