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Do crest whitening strips work?

Asked by chian (554points) February 9th, 2010

a friend is going to the states, i live in europe, i want the crest whitening strips, but do they work? has anyone used them?

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to certain degree, they will work.

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They work very well.

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My wife has used them quite successfully. The definitely make a difference.

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I have used them. They do work.

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I use the Listerine ones, and have noticed a difference. I find it easier to talk while they’re in, and they dissolve in your mouth as opposed to the Crest ones which need to be removed.

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wow i didnt even know about them, do they whiten as well though?

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@chian I’ve noticed that the whiteness is very similar between the two. The taste is better in the dissolveable ones, too.

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Yes. They work if you have yellowing stains, not if you have greying teeth.

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um no greying teeth dont worry!!

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I used some and my teeth are whiter

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@chian Some people have grey teeth from medication when they were younger. Sometimes people have it happen with age for other reasons.

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How long do you find that you start to notice a difference?

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Pretty quickly, I would say in a week.

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it just bleaches the already hardened plaque on your teeth.. go get them cleaned and bleached.. will be much better.. costly, but much better

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Thanks for asking this question.

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I disagree with @Xilas don’t do a mega one time bleaching. I did that and my teeth were never the same again. Permanently more sensitive. My husband did it at the same time and he was fine, but why risk it.

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The only way that whitening strips will work, is if your teeth are YELLOW. If your teeth are grey, due to smoking, they will not lighten your teeth. The only way to lighten grey teeth, is through zoom whitening, which is an expensive proceedure that some dentist offices use. Since most people’s teeth are yellow when they are discolored, for the majority of people, the whitestrips will work.

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i got them but they hurt me!!!!!!!!!!!

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@chian It’s the peroxide. Did they hurt the first time? If not you could do it two days in a row, and then stop for a week, and then two days again, for three or four weeks, or however long is good for you. Make sure you don’t use peroxide (whitening) toothpaste or mouthwash while doing it, and really ever. Toothpaste and mouthwash are only on your teeth for a minute and barely have time to really whiten anything, but if you have sensitive teeth, it wil keep your teeth in a state of being more sensitive. Not sure if this will help, but thought I would mention it.

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@JLeslie thanks that really helps. i was in oain for two days!!! i guess i have really sensitive teeth!! i dont even think two days in a row i could do!! will have to do one, then break for week then one! will it still work do you think?

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@chian Yes, I think it will still work. Again, make sure you are not using whitening toothpaste or mouthwash.

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