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If i remove fish eggs from my aquarium to clean it would they die?

Asked by J1 (7points) February 9th, 2010

i am cleaning my fish tank, there are fish eggs on a shell in my tank. i removed the shell from the tank along with all the other items and fish to clean. when i put the shell back in the aquarium will the fish eggs hatch or have i ruined the process by removing them from the tank?

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Hmm, really depends upon the species. Just to demonstrate the difference, I could take a Carp out of a tank, kick it a few times, put it back in the tank and it would be fine. I could say hi to a trout and it would turn belly-up in seconds.

I would say however that, providing you are very careful and keep the eggs submerged at all times in appropriate water (good oxygenation, salinity, temperature etc.) then the eggs should be fine.

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Thanks that was helpful. Can I take them from the parents and put them in another aquarium or do they have to stay with the parent fish? By the way they are Jack Dempses.

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With Jack Dempseys, make sure you continue to aerate the water, use a slow airstone, it will simulate the fanning that the mother does over the eggs. The eggs need a slow flow of water near them for the best hatching rate.

But, I just wonder why you decided to clean the tank knowing that you have eggs waiting to be hatched?

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I would also suggest that you keep the eggs away from the parents at this point in time since they may have already thought that their eggs have been lost and when you rejoin them, they may think that it is food.

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Ok thanks. I will do so. I do also agree that cleaning the fish tank at this time was pretty backwards, but it needed to be done!

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@J1 it probably didn’t need any cleaning, except if something toxic spilled in the tank. Jack Dempsey is hardy breed and can survive in murky waters

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